Interview: HEMA MALINI & ESHA DEOL on Hindi Film "TELL ME O KHUDA" (Hindi, 2011)

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Mumbai, Aug 21, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / TWF) Hema Malini is re-launching daughter Esha Deol in her directorial debut flick Tell Me O Khuda. TWF correspondent Sreya Basu catches up with the mother-daughter duo  in Mumbai.

What is Tell Me O Kkhuda all about?

Hema: Tell Me O Kkhuda is film about an orphan girl’s passionate quest to know her roots. She asks her questions to Khuda (God) and to get an answer she has to travel all over…she has to undertake a great journey to Rajasthan, Turkey and Goa. I have made this film with a lot of love and had the support of all my artistes.

How was the experience of directing a film for the first time?

Hema: It was a great experience of being behind the camera. I am very passionate about making a film and it was really lovely creating one-one scene, making the artistes perform them, go through the editing and finally when you see how each and every scene turned out, you feel so wonderful. I can’t believe my film has been made so quickly and that it will release on 30th September.

What made you pick Esha to play the protagonist?

Hema: I, the mother, being producer and director of the film, naturally would take my daughter Esha. To me, she is a very fine actress and she had proven it in this film.

Do you think your film will be able to touch a chord with the audience?

Hema: I am a very creative person whether it is dance or music or films, so I love it the way I did the film. Since it has been made with a lot of sincerity, taken care of all the intricacies of the film, I am sure it will reach the hearts of all the audience.

What is the USP of your film?

Hema: It’s the performance of Esha and the music of the film…and the way it is made. It’s different from the films which I see now-a-days.

Salman Khan has done a cameo in the film. How did it happen?

Hema: Salman is a very good friend of Esha. So, mainly for her, he did the cameo. Of course, he has great respect for me and Dharamji (Dharmendra). I am very glad to have him in the film.

Is there a message in your film?

Hema: Yes…there is a message…if you try, even at whatever age you are, you will be able to get that.

Is the script of Tell Me O Kkhuda inspired by Hollywood musical Mamma Mia?

Hema: When I was looking for a script, I went through many of them before zeroing on this one. It has a slight similarity but it’s not that the entire film is like Mamma Mia unlike what some people are saying. You have to go and see the film to find out.

Esha, how is Hema Malini as a director?

Esha: Well, I would say she is a hard task director. As a mother she is extremely loving and pampers me. But on the sets, she is very clear about what she wants. I always believe that my mother is a very wise women and she will keep no stone unturned to make sure she gets what she wants.

Esha, you are a trained classical dancer. But so far we have not seen your talent in any of your films…

Esha: Yes, you are right. I am an Odissi classical dancer. In Tell Me O Kkhuda, we have a Rajasthani song, where I have done a little Indian classical dancing. Also, there is a promotional item track where I have done the usual jhatak-matak which everyone enjoys. But hopefully, sometime in near future, we develop a nice script where I can show my Odissi classical dance which I have been doing past 10-15 years. Now I think all three of us (Hema Malini and daughters Esha, Ahana) should do a movie called Parampara.

Esha, for the first time you will be seen sharing screen with your father Dharmendra. How did it feel?

Esha: For me, it was a dream-come-true to have Papa in the movie with me. Papa agreeing to be a part of this film and that too playing a key role, is extremely emotional and overwhelming for me. Both of us are cry babies and we love emotional attachments between us all the time. The chemistry between Papa and me is, Touchwood, really awesome.

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