AMI SHUBHASH BOLCHI (2011) Bengali Movie Review

By Aditya Chakraborty

AMI SUBHASH BOLCHI Bengali Film Poster

Calcutta, Aug 20, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Bengalis have always been one of the one most progressive, cultural communities of the country. They have been always been considered to be one of the most intellectual forces of the country who have produced many famous luminaries in various fields over the years. That is why Kolkata is known as the cultural capital of India where you can find one of the most vibrant cultures existing.

But at the same time, Kolkata had also been a business hub many years back and had many eminent business decades back. However of late, this community has been laid back and been happy working for others and been very laid back which is why one finds a lot of other businesses gaining in prosperity while the Bengalis are in perpetual slumber. They have not only become laid-back, but also become spineless in certain ways.

The film 'Ami Subhas Bolchi' seems to be an antidote to awaken the Bengalis from their slumber. The protagonist Debabrata Bose happens to be one such laid back ‘typical middle class Bengali’ who changes himself after repeated insults by various people ion various forms. He sees the Bengalis bending backwards to please people of other communities and some Bengalis are deep rooted in corruption. Bengalis in general are a finished and demoralized race till the first half, but enter the greatest Bengali patriot ever, our very own ‘Netaji’. He can not keep quiet seeing all this and rises from immortality and comes back to help Debabrata to rejuvenate the Bengalis, motivate them and help them to stand up and be proud of who are they are! He helps Debabrata to stand up particularly against a Non Bengali realtor who will not stop at nothing to get hold of Debabrata’s plot including kidnapping him and his family, but Debabrata does manage to teach him a lesson at the end with the ‘INA’ sword given to him by Netaji. The ending is the part where Mithunda definitely plays to the gallery.

Among the acting performances in Ami Subhash Bolchi , Mithun Chakraborty is simply brilliant as Debabrata.The way he portrays this character, maybe no one can.Laboni Sarkar who plays his wife Sumitra appears in a role after a long time where she does not weep throughout and is very good.Saheb is quite okay as well and so is Barkha in her first starring role in a Bengali film though her completely non Bengali accent is a put off because of the theme of the film and therefore is a putoff.Maybe someone else should have dubbed for her. Filmmaker Anindo Banerjee (director of CHAPLIN) who plays Netaji looks the part and plays it as well. There is a single song in the film which is depicting the heroics of the other great ‘son ‘of India, Shivaji. Now that song should not have been there and neither should Shivaji have been mentioned. That factor (Shivaji played by the director Mahesh Manjrekar himself and no disrespect to this great son of India) should not have been there because this film is all about the rejuvenation of Bengalis and how Netaji rises from immortality to ‘save’ the race through Debabrata and he should not feature here, but seems to have been featured just because the director is Marathi and he wanted to show the contribution of Marathas through Shivaji as well.

One of the most interesting things one got to see was the audience clapping and cheering on certain occasions just when it was needed. It seems as if the message is slowly getting across to everyone.

The film has a cameo by Barkha’s husband, Indraneil Sengupta who plays her boyfriend. A very apt choice to release such a film during India's Independence Day weekend.

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