ALOUKIK CAMERA (The Haunted Camera): A telefilm by Sudeshna Roy and Abhijit Guha, the "A" team!

aloukikcamera2web   The idea of this story - "Aloukik Camera" (The Haunted Camera) came to my mind way back in the beginning of the nineties when I was a feature writer for The Statesman and a photographer too. 

While working on a local travel article for the, then Saturday supplement of The Statesman (I presume it was 1990) which included locations like Nimtolla Burning Ghat, Old and dilapidated manors of North Kolkata (then good-old Calcutta) along side the bank of the Ganges which stretches from Shovabazar to Kumortulli and Baghbazar beyond, a myriad of images used to spring before my eyes while I used to stand by the railing of the Babughat - Howrah - Baghbazar Launch Ferry services and while clicking my all manual Nikon FM2 and Cosina 35 m.m. cameras for my articles the idea of a haunted camera came to my mind and later I developed it into a 3000 word short story, titled "Baba'r Camera" which I did not submit to any periodical or magazine at that time, and the copy, now yellowed with age, still lies in one of my file folders tucked away in my book cupboard.  However, the Howrah to Baghbazar rides continued as it gave me an immense volume of fresh oxygen and images were fed into my mind for my published stories like "Ghare Phera", Bipoder Rong Neel" and "Airport",  by the way, several of my own favorite songs were written during these rides which were later recorded by Raghab, Indranil, Nachiketa, Lopamudra, Amar Pal and Usha Uthup along with many other vocalists.

aloukikcamera1web   This story was tucked away neatly and very clearly somewhere in the crevices of my mind until Sudeshna di and Abhijit Guha (incidentally he is my school-mate) called for me last July for a story reading session. Maybe a year ago, we had a casual discussion about ghost stories and new ideas, and with my life-long interest in the paranormal and the spirit world since I was a child of 7, and with the related non-fiction and fiction materials that I've read over the last 30 or more odd years, I think I have quite a few ideas which can be made into films etc.

Here in "Aloukik Camera" it's all about Aniket, a fashion photographer, his fiance Meghna from North Kolkata, and their old servant Hari, who comes across an old, vintage camera which, if clicked can have deadly consequences... a camera that maims, kills and simply snatches away your's like having the "beezelbub" (the devil) himself breathing down your neck!!!

Aniket's childhood rushes back to him, and with dreams full of dead people and a specific Diary with 1984 embossed on the cover. Black magic, supernatural interventions ans sightings coming back to the Diary.........

It was his father's diary, Dr. Anadi, happened to get this strange camera in a strange........ Well, it would not be prudent to tell you the whole story of this Super-Chiller ranaandsudeshnadicopy  filled with razor sharp suspense so deftly handled by Sudeshna Roy and Abhijit Guha, the great director duo.

Camera has worked brilliantly and in and out of the shadows creating the 'hackle-raising' milieu and shooting from all sorts of impossible angles to give this story the 'right feel'. Edited quite deftly by Debarshi Dey and with Scary Music by Aroopratan this is going to be one "hell of a scary ride" folks...

Main cast includes Sujan Mukherjee (Neel), Chanchal Chowdhury, Anindita, Saon De, Dhrubo, Master Guddu. Mithu Chatterjee, Abhijit Guha and others.

So Don't miss this flick on the 27th of August, 2011, on Sony 8 (Sony Aath) television channel, at 10 pm.

I can guarantee you, that if you do prepare yourself to watch this 'shot on real locations' horror movie, "Aloukik Camera" especially by dimming the lights as much as possible, switching of the cell phone, what with a monsoon breeze coming in through the window billowing the curtains in a steady "swooosh", all cozy on your old sofa or bed and preferably with only a few co-viewers in the same will definitely look over your shoulder from time to time and will make sure all the door bolts are driven home, and will also make sure that you are not in the frame, when next time your camera goes........."CLICK"...One down......... more to go.........!!!