Actress Pushtiie Shakti: The Mahi Way Girl, Reiki Master, Meditation Guru and Healer

By Raksha Narang

Actress Pushtiie Shakti played the title role in TV serial Mahi Way and her later work includes the Bollywood film "Luv Ka The End". A Reiki master and meditation trainer, her other interests include tarot card reading, crystal healing and aroma therapy.

Actress Pushti Shakti

Mumbai, Aug 17, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) All Good things come in Small Packages!

Pushtiie Shakti may be best remembered for her role as Mahi in the extremely popular television serial Mahi Way. However this bubbly young actress has been living her life on-screen for quite a long time now. She first appeared in the second season of the 1990’s hit comedy show on Zee TV, ‘Hum Paanch’, where she played the food-loving, adorable youngest child out of five sisters.

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Besides these, Pushtiie has also acted in other soaps such as Jaissi Koi Nahin and Sanya, and a number of movies such as Ishq Vishk, Barsaat, and Aloo Chaat. Her most recent movie has been Y-films’ latest rom-com ‘Love Ka The End’, in which she played the character of Jugs, who was very well received by audiences.

Being part of this fun teenage flick by Y-films, Pushtiie has definitely pulled a lot of eyeballs on her acting skills.  Playing the role of a cheerful, butt-kicking bestie in ‘Luv Ka The End’, Pushtiie definitely has a very bright career in films to look forward to. Her sense of humor and spot-on comic timing have indeed been noticed by audiences and directors alike.

This is not all that there is about this power-packed performer. Besides her wonderful acting skills, she also has a spiritual side to her that not many know about. Pushtiie is also a Tarot Card Reader, a Reiki master, crystal healer, Aroma Therapist, Meditation teacher and much more. She has students all over the world, who have studied with her and now are successful healing professionals themselves. Her fans often go to her for advice, and she does not hesitate to help them at all!

This is how life has been for Pushtiie after Mahi way and the fame it has got her. And we all are looking forward to seeing her in more movies. She will hopefully be brightening up our cinema screens a lot more now with her bubbly and powerful presence.

Pushtiie Shakti, who is also known for her bubbly and full of spirit persona showed her condolences to the veteran actor – Shammi Kapoor.

There will never be another Shammi Kapoor. The incomparable energy that Shammiji had... The unique dancing and acting style, Shammiji will be remembered, always.

Pushtiie loved Shammiji's acting style, and the high energy and positive aura that the actor carried. Pushtiie always felt connected to him spiritually. She always had a feeling of belongingness towards him. She was also supposed to meet him at various occasions, but they never met.

Pushtiie wants to wish him well for his journey ahead, and out of the mortal world. RIP.

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