60 ML – The Short Film

Calcutta, 17th August, 2011 (WBRi/OOBE): Madhubanti Mukherjee’s debut short film “60 ML” is finlly ready. This is the 2nd short film by Calcutta based “Out Of Box Entertainment” (OOBE). 60 ML stars Joyraj Bhattacharjee and many others. The script is by Arin Paul and the film was shot by Kaustav Saikia. The music by Sukanti Roy seems promising. Also the director looks really set to spring surprizes in her future works. She has done a commendable job.

OOBE also has a few more films in the pipeline. Agnishwar Mukherjee’s “A” is in the post-production stage as is Arin Paul’s documentary on National Award Winning Director, “Nripen Ganguly”, short films “Just Like That” (Post Production Stage), “Et Tu Brute..?” (Pre-Production Stage) and “I” (Pre-Production Stage). Talks are on with Shantanu Ghosh’s debut short film. OOBE is also planning a traffic awareness ad-film to be released just before the Durga Puja.

Sanglap Bhowmik is editing “A”. Sanglap is a SRFTI pass-out and was the co-editor of the Bengali film “Egaro”.

Joyraj Bhattacharjee had acted in Chetana and Suman Mukherjee’s film “Herbert” and in the Tim Supple production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He recently made his debut as a theatre director.

Sukanti Roy is a member of the band “Cassinis Division”. The Band has been at the forefront of the revolution called Indian Rock for some years now, pushing musical boundaries and defying convention to come up with a unique sound that is best described as hybrid – emotionally-charged, perverse, dark and surprisingly danceable. The members of the band are LUDO (Ritiban Das), SHONA (Sukanti Roy), LIM (Rahul Guha Roy) and JBOI (John Neil Bose).

Kaustav Saikia is a fashion photographer and 60 ML being his first foray into video.

OOBE is also planning many other things in the near future.