Calcutta, 16th August, 2011 (WBRi/OOBE): A compilation of Kritis of Carnatic Music featuring Mahesh Vinayakram will be held at ICCR, Calcutta from 7.30pm onwards on 20th August, 2011. Mahesh Vinayakram is the son of Living Legend Viku Vinayakram. The Ensemble Concert will have Carnatic Music, Vocal, Violin and Mridangam.

Mahesh Vinayakram is a leading artist in the field of Carnatic and World Music. He is the son of Grammy Award winner Padmashri T.H. Vikku Vinayakram. He started his career as a solo vocalist at the age of 12. He was previously under the tutelage of Gurus like Shri H.Y. Narayanan, Shri O.S. Thiagarajan, Mrs. Savithiri Sathyamurthy and Shri. Bhagavathulu Seetharama Sarma. He has also trained himself as a Fusion singer and has performed with various international artists, such as "Good People in times of Evil" and another percussion group named "Sapthaakshara" conducted by his father.


Thiruvallikeni K. Sekar comes from a family of Thavil artists, having received his initial training in Mridangam from his father P. Kothandaraman and later from Guru Thanjavur S. Vellaichami. He is an A- Top Grade performer of the All India Radio, having performed Classical, Fusion and Jazz concerts in collaboration with a varied range of artists, including Ustad Allah Rakha and Zakir Hussain. Besides India, he has entertained audiences in Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, USA, and England.

Parur M S Ananthakrishnan hails from a family of legendary violinists starting from Parur A Sundaram Iyer following the Parur Style. He is a B-High Grade artist of the All India Radio and has been performing all over India for the past 14 years. He trains under his grandfather Parur Sri M S Anantharaman. He is part of The Parur Quartet, comprising himself, his father M.A. Sundareshwaran, his uncle M.A. Krishnaswamy and his grandfather M.S. Anantharaman.

“Live In India” is part of a concert series that also comprises Live in Concert (international and fusion music), Live In School (day concerts in schools and colleges), Live In Youth (younger generation music), Live In Park (morning and evening concerts in neighbourhood parks) and Live With Bickram (conversation-concerts with famous musicians anchored by Bickram Ghosh). This series of live music concerts is a mass movement aiming to unite people by creating a greater awareness and love for music.