AJAB PREM EBONG (2011) - The Tale of A Bus Called URO CHITHI SUPER in a Birbhum Village: Bengali Film Review

By Aditya Chakraborty

"Duniya" Bengali Film Song Promo from Ajob Prem Ebong
Feat. Paoli Dham & Rahul

Kolkata, August 15, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Sometimes some films come your way which puzzle you, yet don’t disappoint you and you can’t exactly predict the genre as well. Ajob Prem Ebong is one such film which transports us temporarily to the tale of a village in rural Bengal where certain events and characters hold our attention for long enough to transport to us to a magic land.

hot sexy Kolkata bengali movie actress PAOLI DAM & hero RahulThe film is essentially about a bus ‘Urochithi Super’, it’s conductor Nakul and the tales which takes place centered around it. Nakul is obsessed with the bus and considers it to be his wife, but one day when the bus runs over Ananta, a young guy from the village, hell breaks loose.

Janardhan Dutta, a neta (political leader) who owns the bus is always at loggerheads with the other neta Badan Hari. He tries to rub off the incident while Badan wants to cash in on the matter.

The bus is hidden in the jungle, but later it is discovered and also given to Mahadev (Ananta’s father) by Janardhan as part of a court settlement. Just like Nakul (who meets Moyna, Ananta’s wife meanwhile and falls in love with her), Bajranad, a mathematics teacher also wants the bus to run by his school so that students attend his school. Mahadev also wants to hold on to the bus in the memory of his son. The tale gradually unfolds as to how the villagers turn against Mahadev and Badan Hari and Nakul gets the bus from Mahadev.

The film, a truly village tale is set against the beautiful landscapes of Birbhum and brings the colourful life of the villagers to light in a beautiful way. The way in which the story unfolds along with it’s characters seems magical. Rather it seems to be a complete fantasy as if it can’t happen otherwise.

Sabyasachi as Janardhan, the manipulative, crooked neta who fears no one but his mother is excellent but Biswajit Chakrabarty as Mahadev, the grieving, distraught father of Ananta who says "Sab Kichur Ekta System Ache To" is simply brilliant. Chiranjeet as Bajranad is also very good. The music is also okay. The Rahul-Paoli romance and one particular song has been added to the film to make it a commercially attractive which somehow could have been prevented.

Why - coming to think of it, the film even has an item number! Shamik Sinha, the music director is also very impressive as Tapan Sarkhel. One didn’t know he was capable of such things.

Ajob Prem Ebong takes a close and realistic view of the rustic Bengal and the present political turmoil looming over rural Bengal.

Starring: Chiranjeet, Rahul, Paoli Dam, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Paran Banerjee, Biswajit Chakroborty



Produced By: ISHANEE

Website: http://www.ajabpremebong.com

Picture courtesy: official facebook page

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