Databazaar Media Announces Availability on Google TV

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Databazaar Media Now on Google TV

Databazaar Media is now available on Google TV !

Now instantly watch your favorite movies and TV shows on Google TV

Simply go to from your Google TV device.

At Databazaar Media, we continue to enrich your viewing experience by enhancing our application to run on new devices.  Today, we are excited to launch a newly upgraded version of the Databazaar Media app for Google TV devices. The ability to search our library with Google is an obvious way to get you connected to our content quicker.

Now you can search from hundreds of Indian movies, TV shows and Music Videos that you can watch instantly on your HDTV. Browse by genre, browse by language or check out our new arrivals.  Just find the show you want to watch, and click on PLAY.

No longer will you have to watch web video on the laptop screen.

With Google TV, Google takes your existing ‘Old TV’ experience and adds the freedom and power of the internet to it. It lets you watch what you want and also gives you access to videos, shows, apps, and sites from the Web, in addition to all of your usual TV channels – and all on your HDTV. With Google TV, you can now watch Databazaar Media online content out of the confined space of your computer’s monitor and instead play it on your TV, together with standard TV content from the comfort of your living room.


Search, Browse, Multitask, Network

Find the shows you're looking for without browsing through lists and guides. Just type in what you want to watch—be it the name of a program, actor, genre, anything—and find what you are looking for.

You can also browse the internet on your Google TV just like you would on your computer. With Dual View, you'll be able to watch a TV show in the corner of your screen while browsing the internet with Chrome. That means, with Databazaar Media now on Google TV, you can tweet to your friend even as you watch 'Iti Mrinalini' or 'Life Goes On' on our channel, all on your TV.


Getting Google TV

Google TV has been integrated into televisions and BluRay players from companies like Sony and LG.  If you already have a TV or BluRay player, you can instead purchase an external Google TV box that will connect to your TV via an HDMI connection. 

The Google TV platform works with your existing cable/satellite box.  Equipped with an IR blaster to change channels, Google TV can sit on top of your existing infrastructure and work with whatever you are using now.

You can control Google TV with your phone or a new remote. Google TV products ship with wireless remote controls with a full QWERTY keypad.


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