ROKU launches ROKU-2 Streaming Internet Digital Video Player with Online Gaming and Bluetooth

Washington Bangla Radio playing on TV via ROKU
Washington Bangla Radio playing on TV via ROKU - Picture by Debabrata Das

Saratoga, CA, Aug 11, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Roku launched their next-generation DVP, named quite simply "Roku 2" designed to impress even the most demanding streaming fans in the world. The new Roku comes with a re-designed remote that lets users play games as easily as they watch movies. It also offers more ways to enjoy Netflix, and is greener. Roku-2 is also smaller, faster and more energy-efficient.

Roku is offering free shipping on Roku 2 for a limited time on Roku 2 XD and their flagship Roku 2 XS.

Roku 2 brings out the best in Netflix. Users can crank up the movies in surround sound with Dolby Digital Plus (passed through via HDMI). Or dial the volume down and turn on handy English subtitles. Both of these features are available on many Netflix streaming titles.

Washington Bangla Radio is currently the only Bengali Radio Channel available on Roku. ROKU owners can add Washington Bangla Radio for free to their ROKU channel line-up by visiting the ROKU Website using the internet web address or by entering the WBRi free Bengali ROKU channel key code MUQXX to add WBRi after logging into their ROKU account.

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The enhanced remote features Bluetooth technology. With Bluetooth, users don’t have to point the remote directly at the Roku 2 unit to command it. So whether they are controlling Netflix from the kitchen or Pandora from around the corner, Roku 2 will respond instantly - even from over 30 feet away.

The enhanced remote with the Roku 2 XS also features motion controls, so users can play games like Angry Birds with a simple flick of their wrist. A FREE full version of Angry Birds is bundled with every Roku 2 XS shipped. It’s the first time Angry Birds has ever been available on TV.

Barely bigger than a coaster, Roku 2 is the smallest streaming player around. It also uses less power than ever—just 2 Watts. That’s less than a nightlight. Over 15 times less than a DVR. And 60 times less than one of those popular game consoles.

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