Kiss of Love Secrets Revealed in UTV Bindass Superstud The School of Flirt with Natasha & Group-7

Natasha with Group-7 on UTV Bindass Superstud The School of flirt
Natasha with Group-7 on UTV Bindass Superstud The School of flirt

Mumbai, Aug 2, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRlog) A new day on the Superstud Stud farm began with Natasha’s visit, who was looking for a stud with the perfect body and in return awards the best body with an advantage. She swooned over some of the six packs and the bulging biceps and encouraged the not-so- confident studs to work on their body.

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Post Natasha’s confidence boosting session, the lesson of the day was announced by Stud Guru Ashmit Patel, this week the lesson involved teaching the studs, one of the most important lessons to be the ultimate Superstud, the art of kissing!!! An art one cannot not afford to fail at when it comes to impressing a girl.

Before you get your mind running as where and how did the boys practice their kissing skills, Ashmit had a solution for that one too! The boys were given strawberries and balloons to master their kissing skills. Initially, the boys were perplexed as to how they would practice kissing on the props provided, but soon got the hang of it, thanks to our Stud Guru – Ashmit Patel.

Once they had practiced their kissing skills, Ashmit informed them about the elimination task, the challenge involved the studs to go on a date with a girl in a limousine. The aim for each of the Stud was ultimately manage to kiss the girl! Some studs managed as many as 9 kisses while others did not the impress their date enough and left empty handed!!!

Tune-in to UTV Bindass to watch and learn some of the Superstud skills from Stud Guru Ashmit Patel himself only on Superstud - The School of flirt on Sunday, 31st July 7pm.

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