The Philips 22PFL4505D/F7 22-Inch 720p LED LCD HDTV - The Best Money Spent in a Long Time (HDTV Review)

22Aug 2, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Bought this TV mostly for gaming so I will place my personal opinion on subjects pertaining to my experience. The 22" Philips LED LCD HDTV is a great buy. Amazon did wonder with shipping except was not all that excited with the fact that they deliver packages in their original packaging. If the main box was placed in another shipping box I would feel less uneasy with the fact that a the package sat next to my front door in the open with Phillips marketing brands all over the box really giving away that there is a 200 dollar TV sitting on my patio. I prefer discreet shipping.

HDTV Sale:

Ok so Just to start if your a gamer, and your not looking for anything too serious in the category of Hi-def. Then I would recommend this.

The size is perfect. A 22" TV wide is a preferable size for gaming as it allows for the perfect pixel set with out any blurring or distorted images due to the image being stretched out because of large resolution screens ( such as a 42" TV normally distorts media images on XBox360, not so much for PS3. The refresh rate for this TV was great, no real flickers or nothing that was too noticeable. Overall I was pretty pleased with the screen performance except for the color and brightness. the Color was really hard to tweak and never quite adjusted as I wanted it to be with the brightness very dull and not suited for media that has a lot of shadows with details or objects of attention inside the shadow areas.

Image using component cables was standard just less flicker from the slight haze that was probably just from the frequency. HDMI preforms well with quality sound output.

Stand alone Sound was very "echo'd" on this Model, I really do not think it was designed for quality output so I set up my home theater system on the TV and it was impressive consider Par to my Sony Bravia in sound quality (Interesting how they pack a decent sound environment system into such a small TV).

For people that might attempt to use Play station Move on this TV, I would recommend it. You cannot quite get to far away from the screen but if you get too close the PS3 eye system will begin to over compensate movements from the PS3 wand controller.

For people that might attempt to use XBox 360 Kinect on this TV. I did not see any issues playing the games that the Kinect Sensor had while on this TV.

Overall, this TV preformed well. If my relationship with this product continues to be positive, well I don't see me changing up screens for quite some time(unless Amazon has another huge BLACK FRIDAY again XD).

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