LAFANGE PARINDE (2010) Bollywood Hindi Movie review by Nilanjann N. | The garnishing was okay, but the cook forgot to add salt

LAFANGEY PARINDE – Hindi Movie (Aug 2010)

 As a director Pradeep Sarkar (Laga Chunri mein Daag and Parineeta), lacks focus and that extra bit of cog we call ‘the X factor’! In his latest film “Lafangey Parindey” (story by Gopi Puthran), with Neil Nitin Mukesh and Deepika Padukone in the lead, he has once again succeeded in giving the viewers a marvelous dish, which looks and smells yummy, but has been cooked ‘without salt’! It’s the same story of the missing “X” factor, which is so essential in every sphere, in every medium and in every thing that is created to impress!

The story goes like this –

A Mumbai ‘wadi’ (semi-slum area) young man&nbsp; who is known as One shot <strong>Nandu (Neil Nitin Mukesh) </strong>rides snazzy bikes, wears smart and rough looking clothes with jeans and checked shirts et al, hangs around with other similar looking urchins, earns his living by fighting “underground” one-to-one kickboxing fights with a blindfold over his eyes, where the stakes are high and betting is the name of the game.
With dreams bigger that his boots, this guy drives the car for a local gang toughie played superbly by <strong>Kay Kay Menon</strong> (in a guest appearence) as always one rainy night, where the latter is actually out to kill a certain person belonging to his enemy gang. After the shoot out, Kay Kay gets  shot fatally, but still rushes back to the car where Neil Nitin is waiting for him with the engine kept running for a fast getaway, however, sensing his impending doom, Kay Kay pushes Neil out of the running car, and is later found dead, presumably from the gunshot wound.

But before Neil is pushed out of the car, he had bumped into someone. That someone was none other than <strong>Pinky (Deepika Padukone)</strong>, a would-be skate - dancing starlet who is also Neil’s neighbor.

After being hit by the speeding car that Neil was driving with injured Kay Kay lying beside him, Deepika lies unconscious by the blow and impact of the car on the rain swept Mumbai street.

The accident alters Deepika’s life completely as she loses her eyesight, and hence is on the verge of discarding her dream to make it big as a dancing star.
Neil hesitates to divulge the truth, and everyone believes it’s Kay Kay who is responsible for Deepika’s loss of sight. Primarily all assumes that while Kay

Kay was on the run from his enemy gang members after being shot, driving recklessly he bumped into Deepika in the blinding rain that night.

Neil’s conscience shakes him thoroughly and he offers Deepika a hand to learn the art of doing almost anything with the eyes shut. As Nandu he fights his way to glory being blindfolded with only sound and smell to guide him. Neil teaches her to feel her through, by relying on sound and smell, judging when to avoid them or when to focus.

The partner with whom Deepika used to practice skate-dancing regularly for the coming shows, deserts her after the accident incident.

Neil teaches her to find her way through and Deepika slowly falls for him and offers him to teach skate-dancing so he may become her partner and win the reality show prize money of 50 lacs.

Neil too starts having different feeling for Deepika and thinks of leaving his job as an underground fighter and takes up a decent job as a bouncer in a night club, with a dream of settling down someday with Deepika as a married couple. Amidst the teaching, skating, dancing and small talk, the police find out Neil’s involvement in the whole rainy-night incident and also come to the conclusion that Neil is solely responsible for Deepika’s blindness.

There’s a phase of ‘judaai’ and misunderstanding between the two as the truth is divulged.

In the mean time the Reality show has reached it’s final stages…and now the rift between Neil and Deepika causes yet another problem…They have bn selected and voted as a ‘pair’, but Deepika has others plans, she doesn’t tell anything about Neil’s absence for the final show and walks up to the stage all alone and begins her ‘Swan Dance’ skating beautifully. However, like all ‘happy ending’ Hindi movies – Neil appears on stage just in the nick of time and completes the dancing ensemble in the midst of a cheering crowd and three celebrity judges (Javed Jaffrey, Shiamak Davar and Juhi Chawla) and wins the grand prize OBVIOUSLY.

Soon after the show, Neil walks away.

However in the last scene all is sorted out and the misunderstanding eases itself as Deepika realizes that Neil had struck her unknowingly while fleeing from bullets that rainy night. Hence Neil is not fully responsible for her blind ness! The story ends on a happy note, but I am unsatisfied, as it is very obvious that Neil had no plans of killing his neighbor in the first place, and secondly with visibility down in that torrential rain, he had hit her ‘unknowingly’!!! So what’s this ‘ruckus’ all about??

Neil could have divulged the truth in the first place.

The last line…
The Police finds Neil’s finger prints all over the steering wheel.
The police also finds out that Neil is responsible for Deepika’s accident.
A Eunuch, who was present that night while Neil was waiting in the car for Kay Kay, confirms this.

Hence, it is obvious that Neil will be brought to justice?!
But Deepika, the victim, requests the inspector related to this case to drop all the charges, as she is in love with him now!
The film ends, as the inspector says to his junior – “Ye toh pyar ka chakkar hai”…

And forgets all about the incident and Neil…the end credits roll and the film ends finally.

Original Music by R. Anandh is not up to the mark and lacks promise, except the Mohit Chauhan’s single – “Woh Lafanga Bada” an excellent soft country rock song, with wonderful natural sounds of acoustic guitars.

Camera work by Nataraja Subramanian is just average, But the Editing by Sanjib Datta by is commendable.The choreography sequences by Bosco- Caesar are fabulous

However, this is the second film of Pradeep Sarkar from the stable of Yashraj Films that has failed to leave any mark!

Two lovers, different lives, different worlds destined to meet! Sounds good, the story had potential of an unusual love story, but the handling went wrong.
All the spices were carefully measured, stirred, strained and mixed with precision.

The garnishing was okay, but the cook forgot to add ‘salt’…Oops!!!