Einstein@Home announces first pulsar discovery

For more than a year, Einstein@Home has been using about one-third of the available computer time to search for radio pulsars in data from the Arecibo Observatory. The project coordinators are happy to report that they have found their first radio pulsar last month: PSR J2007+2722. It is still not sure, but this appears to be a rare type of object called a Disrupted Recycled Pulsar. The discovery was published on-line by the journal Science, on Thursday August 12th. The founder of Washington Bangla Radio, Supratim Sanyal, is one of the original and oldest enthusiasts and supporters of SETI@HOME and BOINC. Congratulations to volunteers from Ames, Iowa, USA and Universitaet Mainz, Musikinformatik, Germany whose computers discovered the pulsar with the highest significance. Further details of this first Einstein@Home discovery may be found in the main news item posted on the Einstein@Home web site, at http://einstein.phys.uwm.edu. So far, Einstein@Home has only analyzed about half of the Arecibo data set. Due to improvements in the instrumentation, the more recent data is better-quality than the older data, so volunteers are sure there are other interesting objects to be discovered. If you have trouble getting Einstein@Home to run, you may search their user forums for help (http://einstein.phys.uwm.edu/forum_index.php) or post a message asking for assistance in the "Getting Started" forum at http://einstein.phys.uwm.edu/forum_forum.php?id=5