FHA organizing Dharma Satsang 29 th Aug 2010

Forum for Hindu Awakening is organizing a Dharma satsang on Shravan
Krushna Chaturthi, 29th August  2010, 7.30 to 8.30 pm EST time (US

The satsang will be held via phone conference.
Phone Number: 1-218-936-4141
Participant code: 443194
Please try to log on 5 minutes before the satsang time.

The aim of these Dharma satsangs is to:
Enhance our understanding of Hindu (Sanatan) Dharma concepts and
practices, and the unique spiritual science underlying them.
Discuss latest assaults on Hindu Dharma and awareness drives to
preserve Hinduism

This Dharma Satsang will consist of:
Shlok of Sree Ganesh
Topic for study/discussion for 30 minutes:


Shlok of Sree Guru
Assaults on Hindu Dharma - discussion for 15 minutes:

Announcements for 2 minutes
Gratitude and concluding shlok

To register for this event please visit the website at