Kittu Mishra presents an eclectic Bengali songs album O BONDHU (2010) - An INRECO release


Kitu Mishra is an upcoming singer with music in heart and soul.

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For as long as she can remember, music has always been her passion, and being a musician has always been her dream. Even in her childhood days when all her friends were enjoying themselves playing games, this little girl was seen doing nonsensical things with an old harmonium. Soon, this anomaly was noticed by her parents and by the age of ten, Kittu had my first music teacher.

Kittu started the journey under the tutelage of her first music guru, Ramaprasad Biswas. It was under him that she started getting her elementary lessons in classical music. This continued until the day when she was introduced to the legendary singer Haimanti Sukla - who she affectionately calls Didi (elder sister). Didi took Kittu under her wings and her training continued under Haimanti Shukla's care and guidance. She was a patient and diligent student. She learned with intent and purpose and Didi used to guide her on what she should do and more importantly, how she should go about it. Kittu's training on Indian classical music and Bengali adhunik (contemporary) songs went side by side under her guidance.

Soon, school was over and by that time Kittu had her own band. It was a group of like minded friends and pretty soon they started performing at various parts of Bengal. It was great fun as they went to new places, met so many interesting people and sang their heart out. But along with performing with her band, Kittu  also continued with solo performances.

Just like any other musician of her age, Kittu also dreamt of coming out with a musical album of her own. This was a dream which kept her awake at night. They say, ‘The best thing about dreams is that fleeting moment, when you are between asleep and awake, when you don't know the difference between reality and fantasy, when for just that one moment you feel with your entire soul that the dream is reality, and it really happened.’ With the upcoming release of her first album ‘O BONDHU’ (hey my friend), Kittu feels the same. The lyrics of my songs are written by Debangshu Chakrabarty and the music is by Mrinal Sen. The album is being launched by INRECO music company.

About her album o bondhu, well, it has seven songs and each one has its own special feel. Kittu hopes it will be liked by all her listeners from both ‘epar bangla and opar bangla’ (Bengal and Bangladesh) as she believes there is something for everyone in this album. It’s an album which has been made keeping in mind the varied tastes of contemporary Bengali music lovers. Durga Puja, which is such a huge festivals for us Bengalis has a special place in our hearts. Keeping this in my mind, and the fact that the festival is almost knocking at the door, they have included a puja special song. In this song, they have tried to capture the spirit of the festival. The song ‘jay banglar jay’ (cheers to Bengal) has a folk touch. Here, they have tried to explore the rich folk music of Bengal through this song. Next ‘elena’ (you didn’t come) is a melodious song with a very soothing feeling. The title track ‘o bondhu’ (hey my friend) is a love song expressing the romance and sweetness of young teenage hearts. Besides ‘sujon majhi re’ (oh my boatman) is an extremely famous ‘bhatiyali’ folk song and ‘amar bhitor o bahire’ (my soul and body) is already a very popular track by a great Bangladeshi poet Rudra md. Shahidullah.

"I hope all these songs of different flavor will touch everyone’s heart and give a new sensation of music all together. I have tried my best and now I need support from all my listeners to make it a success. I thank  god who has given me such a lovely family without whose support, this dream would have never been a reality. Love you all and keep listening….", says Kittu.