Pt Nikhil Banerjee - fabulous Rabindrasangeet songs album by the Sitar mestro from Cozmik Harmony announced

Nikhil Dhwani - Rabindra Sangeet MP3 download songs by Pandit Nikhil Banerjee Sitar Exponent

Cozmik Harmony - a top record company in Calcutta doing a great job in preserving and dissemination of traditional and contemporary Bengali music has announced a fabulous album titled Nikhil Dhwani as a tribute to Pandit Nikhil Ranjan Banerjee to commemorate the 80th birthday of the iconic and legendary North Indian Hindustani Classical Sitar Maestro.

What is fantastic about this album is it will have Rabindra Sangeet and light classical songs performed by Pt Nikhil Banerjee himself in his own voice.

The Rabindrasangeet songs included are Ashru Nadir Sudur Paare and Shyamal Chaya Nai Ba Gele. The light-classical vocal songs are Ashi Bole Keno Ele Na and Tomaye Ami Peyechi To Jatobar.

The album will also include a tribute to Pandit Nikhil Banerjee by his friend and classical Sarod exponent Pandit Buddhadev Dasgupta.

Nikhil Banerjee was born in Kolkata into a Brahmin  family, where music as a profession was discouraged, although his father, Jitendranath Banerjee, who was a sitarist by hobby, taught him the instrument. Young Nikhil grew into a child prodigy, won an all-India sitar competition at the age of nine and soon was playing for All India Radio. At the time, his sister was a student of khyal great Amir Khan, who became a life-long influence. Jitendranath approached Mushtaq Ali Khan to take the boy as a student, and Banerjee studied with him for his initial training.

In 1947 Banerjee met Ustad Allauddin Khan, who was to become his main guru along with his son, Ali Akbar Khan. Both were sarod players. Banerjee went to Allauddin Khan's concerts and was desperate to have him as his teacher. Allauddin Khan did not want to take on more students, but changed his mind after listening to one of Banerjee's radio broadcasts. Though Allauddin Khan was Banerjee's main teacher, he also learned from Ali Akbar Khan, the son of Allaudin Khan, for many years.

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