Dreams.......unlimited | Inception (2010) Hollywood Film Review - WBRi exclusive

How would you feel if you could travel in dreams (read in multiple levels), kill people, beg, borrow & even steal….sounds amazing, right? But the scene may not be the same if you actually watched Inception.

The film very clearly has two opinions about it…either love it or just hate it. I fall into the latter category…so much of hi-tech and hi funda stuffs may not be good for a film, the purpose of which is mainly to entertain.

Inception is a sci-fi about lucid dreaming and the main dreamer here is none other than the handsome Leonardo Dicaprio, playing the role of Dominic Cobb, an extractor, who can enter into the minds of others and steal information that may otherwise be unavailable and these information could even be the deepest and the darkest of secrets the person might be holding in his mind. He himself holds a dark secret about his wife’s death and is unable to return to his family. It is here that Saito (Ken Watanabe) gives him the job of ‘inception’, the process of planting an idea in the mind of a corporate biggie….a job far more difficult than extracting information…the reward, return to his homeland and re unite with his children.

The film opens with Cobb lying on a beach, unconscious. He gets picked up by some guards and is carried to a hall where he sits face to face with an elderly man who asks him why he wanted to kill him. The scene quickly moves to a dream sequence in Saito’s mind. The awesome threesome, Cobb, Arthur and Nash are seen to be on ‘mission extraction.’ Saito and the rest sleep closely to each other and a connected by a mechanical device and a sedative is injected in their body so that they can all be in the dream world, together.

Saito is a business tycoon and is worried about his rival Maurice Fisher and his son Robert and fears their monopoly in the market. Saito convinces Cobb and his group to incept the mind of Robert and convince him to break up his father’s company. Cobb appoints three more people in the job; Ariadne (Ellen Page), a dream architect, Yusuf, a chemist and Eamus, a person who can easily shift identities inside a dream….cool; I like ‘that’ idea!!

Together they are on a mission of invading dreams, in layers….yes, you read it right, in layers….three to be precise and the audience is tortured to travel in three layers to finally find the outcome.

If you are a diehard fan of Leonardo Dicaprio, I am sure you wouldn’t mind sitting for 150 minutes….yes, it is a pretty long film compared to a usual Hollywood one.

Ken Watanabe does have something new to offer in this role. His character of the ‘Chairman’ in memoirs of a Geisha and the ‘General’ in the letters from Iwo Jima portrayed him as a kind hearted man. Here he is crude businessman, getting his job done by professionals by emotionally blackmailing them to some sort.

Ellen page is now famous for her Oscar winning film ‘Juno’ (Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen) and was perfect for her ‘dream architect’ role here.

The rest of the cast does a decent job and with some mind boggling special effects and dream sequences, you may wish the film could have been made shorter and crisper so as to give it 5 stars.

The story is by Christopher Nolan, he is also the producer and director. Kudos to Wally Pfister for capturing totally mind boggling scenes with his lens.

With so many compliments, I would still say, it could have been much better.