When Kiran Met Karen (2008) | Samrat Chakrabarti as DEV, Chriselle Almeida as KIRAN, Kelli Dawn Holsopple as Karen


When Kiran Met Karen is an Indian movie primarily in English language directed by Manan Katohora. The film is considered pretty ambitious and bold, given its attempt to weave a story around alternative lifestyles - lesbian love in particular. The film is produced by Punit Chhabra with Executive Producer Iggy Ignatius.

The movie revolves around Bollywood heroine Kiran Lohar (Chriselle Almeida) who is on the verge of becoming an international movie star. Kiran arrives in new york to attend the premiere of her highly anticipated film A Himalayan Love Story which is produced by her romantic partner of that time, Dev Ghosh (Samrat Chakraborty). During a ambivalent relationship with gossip-crazy tabloid reporters, Kiran comes across Karen Sorens (Kelli Holsopple) - a young journalist for the Reel Women magazine, and they find themselves swept up in a torrid affair.

The lead star cast consists of Samrat Chakrabarti as DEV, newcomer Chriselle Almeida as KIRAN, newcomer Kelli Dawn Holsopple as KAREN and Manish Dayal as JAY.

The world premiere of When Kiran met Karen was at The 14th Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, where reportedly it was a huge hit in gay and lesbian communities and almost became a complete sell-out and had to be moved to a larger theater to accomodate the intense interest.

The film has two love-making scenes, an extended one where DEV and Kiran have sex and a beautiful one later on between Kiran and Karen. According to reports, the primarily female audience at the film's premiere were a bit surprised on the first scene, and the general opinion is the 2nd scene has a pretty strange background score.

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