Suman Mukhopadhyay, Bratya Basu in Sthaniya Sambad - Spring in the Colony (2010) - Bengali Movie

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Sthaniya Sambad (meaning local news but with English title "Spring in the Colony") is a Bengali film directed by  Arjun Gourisaria and Moinak Biswas, starring Anirban Dutta, Suman Mukhopadhyay (interview), Bratya Basu (interview), Nayana Palit and others. Screenplay is by Mainak Biswas. Sthaniya Sambad is produced by Black Magic Motion Pictures.

Among notable screenings of the film, Sthaniya Sambad has been shown at Goldsmith's College, London and Habitat Film Club, India Habitat Centre, Delhi. The film has also been selected as part of the curriculum of Film Appreciation Courses at FTII and NFAI, Pune.

The bustling Deshbandhu colony has a lot going on.

In the evening market, two thieves swoop on Ananya's long plait and chop it away. Atin, the dreamy poet and Ananya’s secret admirer, is worried unable to find her anywhere the next day. He seems oblivious of the fact that his home is facing demolition. Meanwhile, their friends make preparations for the coming spring festival.

As Atin, with his only friend Dipankar, sets out in search of Ananya, the story travels from the refugee colony of the day to the neon districts of the night.

By daybreak, they are on the ghostly eastern fringes of the new Calcutta. Draped in the unreal fog stands Mr. Paul, the visionary land shark, whose demolition team is warming up for action at Deshbandhu colony. As his house gets destroyed in the small hours of the morning, Atin comes and greets Mr. Paul..

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