NATOBAR NOT OUT (2010) Bengali Film Director Amit Sen Interview

Interview (Audio) - Amit Sen, Director of NATOBAR NOT OUT

Kolkata Bengali feature film NATOBAR NOT OUT has a release date of Nov 12, 2010.

In this informal and intimate iterview, film-maker Amit Sen talks about his background and of course Bengali movie NATOBAR NOT OUT. Amit shares his views about contemporary Bengali cinema, contrasting with the "golden era" of Bengali film and dwells on how Bengali films have changed according to times. A director's take of the movie industry is always fascinating to hear, and Amit Sen's words are no exception.

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Natobar Not Out Bengali Movie Poster

Amit Sen was born in Kathmandu, Nepal (his father worked with the Military) but moved to Kolkata at a very young age (3 years) and grew up in the City of Joy. After studying Chemistry, he eventually spent a few years in Pune studying film and specially cinematography, with scholarship. After graduating, he came back to Kolkata and started his advertising and ad-film agency in Calcutta and made quite a few award-winning ad films, including for Shalimar Coconut Oil, Berger Paints, Britannia Industries and so on. Amit says his most satisfying ad film was the famous Durga Puja special ad for Shalimar Coconut Oil as it immediately struck a chord in the hearts of Bengalis.

Amit Sen currently teaches Mass Communications at St Xaviers, Kolkata.

Amit had not really thought about making Bengali feature films until his close friend Kamaleswar Mukherjee told him about a story of a quintessential Bengali man who wanted to become a poet. The seeds of Natobar Not Out were sown, and Amit Sen went ahead and made this film which is releasing in Kolkata shortly.

In Natobar Not Out, the character Natobar says there is poetry in the heart of Bengalis. This forms the theme of the film. Natobar lives in Bhatpara (a fictional place) in Kolkata, and he wants desperately to write poems, but nothing much comes out of his pen. Thanks to some extraordinary circumstances, Natobar starts writing fantastic poems. Raima Sen plays a girl who lives next door to Natobar (played by debutant actor Mustafa Prokash from Bangladesh who Amit had worked with in ad films many years ago and had always wanted to cast him in a feature film.) Actress Ananya Dutta plays Ujala - who runs an ad agency in Mumbai and dazzles Natobar with her fast and trendy life-style. Ramaprasad Banik plays Natobar's father.

Of special mention is Debajyoti Mishra's great background score and Bengali film-song direction in Natobar Not Out.

Amit divulges many interesting trivia about Natobar Not Out, like it has 56 speaking characters and 62 non-speaking characters. The film, though a comedy, also has fine shades of a tragedy.

The producers of NATOBAR NOT OUT are six friends calling themselves BUNCH OF BUDDIES, and Amit describes the completely fresh approach to film production brought in by these folks.

NATOBAR NOT OUT (Bengali, 2010)

Megher Palok Chander Nolok - the full audio song promo from Natobar Not Out

Natobor Not Out is a comedy which will appeal to a wide cross-section of Bengalis - urban, small town and even rural, as almost every Bengali is either already a poet or at least aspires to be one. That there’s something in them that pulls them towards poetry is now a known fact. This is the story of a young chap ‘Natobor’ from a typical north Calcutta middle-class neighbourhood whose heart beats for poetry, but with no appreciation coming from any quarters – not even the local club, he loses heart almost every day.

Producer: Bunch Of Buddies Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Director: Amit Sen
Star Cast: Raima Sen, Mustafa Prokash (Debut), Ananya Dutta (Debut), Ramaprasad Banik, Biswajit Chakrabarty, Mousumi Saha, Sudeepa Bose, Kharaj Mukherjee, Chandan Sen, Kaushik Ganguly, Kamalika Banerjee; special appearances by Tollywood hero JEET, Munmun Sen, Mir, Biplab Chatterjee, Saswata Chatterjee

Music: Debajyoti Mishra
Lyrics: Kamaleswar Mukherjee
Editing: Sumit Ghosh
Art Direction: Mridul Baidya
Story: Kamaleswar Mukherjee
Sound Design: Sumit Ghosh