Shemaroo releases Osho Hindi titles - “Hasta Hua Bhavishya”, “Dhyan” and “Chinta aur Tanav Kyon?” on DVDs

18 June’10, Mumbai: After the success of a series of Osho Talks on DVDs in English, Shemaroo
launches brand new series of 3 OSHO Talks in Hindi language, namely “Hasta Hua Bhavishya”,“
Dhyan” and “Chinta aur Tanav Kyon?”.
“Hasta Hua Bhavishya” peeps into our life and lists down the ways to get out of the miseries and
problems that haunt our mind day and night. Osho’s unique insights prompt us to lead our life in such a
way that each moment becomes a joy. In this talk he leads us step by step to the inner peace and real
happiness. His handful of simple insights can get one the unlimited delight in life no matter where and
what one is!

“Dhyan” brings us the understanding how to lead life happily. In his characteristic way Osho doesn’t
hand over any dogma to be followed, he simply leads us to a point where we can decide what works for
us. This enlightening talk guides one to understand right way to live, love and meditate.
“Chinta aur Tanav Kyon?” deals with the loaded subjects of tension and anxiety and a path that can
lead us to relaxation and peace. There are a number of incidents that take place around us and we pass
by leaving them unnoticed. Probably after watching the DVD, your perspective and the outlook towards
life will change. The unnoticed and unlearned will start seeking your attention. There will be a wider
horizon for you to fly. His words will teach you to accept the reality and move ahead.
Hiren Gada, Director Shemaroo Entertainment says “Being able to keep Osho and his Philosophy alive
through DVDs is a great honor for Shemaroo. After a successful series of Osho DVDs in English,
Shemaroo, for the first time is releasing Osho in Hindi language. I am sure this initiative of ours will help
us reach out to wider range of audience.”
Devendra Bharti (Trustee), OSHO International Foundation adds, “The beauty of an Osho Talk is that
one is not being asked to believe or agree. Osho simply sets a stage and provokes one to experience
mysteries of life in his own way, without a mediator. This is the reason why Osho hits a chord in modern
mind and the demand for his audio and video talks goes on growing around the world.”
Experience a complete new way to lead life with Osho!
The DVD is economically priced at Rs 150/- each only.
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