Stage Play (Drama) Review | Road to Hell - A Stage Fusion production - Kalamandir, Kolkata

3rd July, 2010 – the weekend evening was gloomy, the weather was stuffy and I was on road to hell!! Road to Hell!!?? Yes! That evening I was watching Stage Fusion’s ( from Assam) famous murder mystery “Road to Hell” at Kalamandir, Kolkata.

The story has been adapted from the play Corpse by Gerald Moon, conceptualized and directed by Rupa Hazarika Som, who was also acted along with Bijoy Chaudhuri, Manash K Das and Ranjeev Lal Barua. Rathindra Barua was the Production and Set Manager whereas Neetali Das was the Backstage manager.

The story centred around rivalry of twin brothers Raymond and Robert Farrant where poor Shakespearean theatre actor Raymond planned the murder of rich Socialite Robert.

He hired the fake army major ( actually murder ) to murder his brother and after murder of his brother in the hand of the major, Raymond, on verge of proving himself as Robert, came to know that the fake army major was his father who was responsible for his mother’s death and his poor fate. He then murdered his father and caught red handed by the police officer, who was very good friend to Robert.

The one hour and forty five minute thriller is full of suspense and attract every audience’s attention as a successful crime story. It has also comedy relief due to confusion of Raymond’s landlady and the army major to identify Raymond and Robert correctly as they are twin brothers.

The set was on one layer dividing into two equal parts – residence of Raymond and Robert. The interior and furnitures of the rooms clearly marked the difference in financial and social status of Robert and Raymond. The usage of light is also very proper.

Since there is no interval, the play kept the suspense all along without any disturbance.

The make up, dress, music – everything reminded the audience regarding Christmas of London where the story was based on.

Acting of Bijoy as twin brother, Manash as Army Major, Rupa as Land Lady and Ranjeev as Police Officer were very proper and they did not face any difficulty to convey actual feelings and emotion through the language English.

We hope to see more productions from Stage Fusion in future.