Eka, Eka Noi - Solo recitation program by Sumantra Sengupta | WBRi Kolkata Event Review

Sumantra Sengupta - Eka Eka Noi

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As commenced earlier, the solo recitation program of Sumantra Sengupta as “Eka, Eka Noi” was held on 28th June rainy evening at Rabindrasadan, Kolkata.

The auditorium was almost full and almost all the familiar and well known as well as famous faces of elocution world were present there to listen to Sumantra.

Directed by famous Drama Director Debesh Chatterjee and anchored by Veteran elocutionist Chandramouli Banerjee, the event was a collage of poems starting from Rabindranath Tagore till date garlanded in a script based on biographical theme of upbringing of a refugee child from his colony days.
The theme was good, the conception of the entire program was good, the program was interesting and catchy to everybody but it would be better if the anchor told name of the poems and respective poets before starting of the program.

The stage designed by Nilabho Chatterjee and Tarunkanti Barik was not very visible as light was very less. The light by Jayanto Mukhopadhyay was nothing but darkness that evening , only there was some light on Sumantro’s face.

Sound by Hasi Panchal was excellent that evening.

Srijit Banerjee and Santanu Bandopadhyay scored the music on a excellent level.

The entire project was good, specially it attracted everybody due to the good presentation and voice of Sumantra but we expected more versatility from Sumantra, a creative genious by nature.

We wish all the best to Sumantra and hope to attend more solo programs of him in future.