Sandeep Khurana - Music Composer with genres ranging from New Age, Psychedelic to Spiritual & Film Music

Sandeep Khurana - Yoga Reiki Relaxation Meditation Chanting Devotional Religious ComposerSANDEEP KHURANA is a prolific composer with a unique style. Sandeep lives in the San Fransico bay area, popularly known as Silicon Valley. He took courses in music at the Ali Akbar Khan College of Music in the Bay area as well as classes in film production and Media Arts, and proceeded to compose albums with flair in 2002. So far, Sandeep has composed and released 12 albums (the 13th album is coming soon!) under the label of SK Infinity, some of them in collaboration with contemporary California artists like Rita Sahai and Renoo Nathan.

Sandeep's albums are cross-genre and eclectic - from unique psychedelic interpretations of popular Hindi film songs, contemporary New Age, Yoga / Relaxation / Meditation and Reiki to Shiva Mantras / Hindu devotional chanting.

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The upcoming 13th album, called Voices, World Music by SK Infinity is a world music album featuring four female artists: Rita Sahai, Renoo Nathan, Madhu Anand and Shubhra each with a unique distinct style. The album has songs of different genres & styles, Rhythm & Blues, Trance, Indian Classical, Fusion and Psychedelic and will be available for downloads by September 2009. Listen online to previews from from this upcoming album:

"I Can" : Voice - Shubhra, Composer - Sandeep Khurana

Time Will Bring Us Together - Shubhra Prakash & Sandeep Khurana

Music for the Soul Album Series by SK Infinity

Kishore Kumar The Gifted Voice Bollywood Instrumentals

RD Burman The Digital Way - Instrumental Hindi Film Songs

RD Burman The Digital Way Vol 2 Instrumentals

Shiva Mantra - Renu Nathan

Ragas New Age, Rita Sahai, Sandeep Khurana

The Astral Way - Digital Percussion Album

Nature Sounds - Music for Relexation - Tranquil, Psychedelic Music

Sandeep Khurana's music albums are available under his S K INFINITY record label available for download in MP3 song format from many online sources, including WBRi online store.