Gitanjali : Poems By Rabindranath Tagore - in Hindi

As you know, Gitanjali (Song Offerings) is a towering intellectual achievement by the legendary Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore (1861 - 1941). Tagore's own English translation, with an introduction by William B Yeats, won him the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1923. 

Gitanjali or the 'Song offerings' in English translation is a volume of 103 poems selected by Tagore from his several Bengali books of poetry. W.B.Yeats wrote: '...(the poems) have stirred my blood as nothing for years...' Gitanjali is poetry of life affirmation: life with its colour and abundance, melancholy and... Moremystery. It is a record of the poet's intimate response to the splendour of the universe.

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GEETANJALI is freely available transalated into many regional languages of India, including of course their National Language Hindi. Raka De has done a great job in translation into HINDI. Adipudi Somanatha Rao has translated GEETANJALI into TELUGU. A MALAYALAM Language translation is also available. Check out some of the translations available via online order below.

Also check out the editions of GEETANJALI available in USA, Canda (North America) and worldwide.

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