Payel’s quest to bring back Abir Chatterjee from the land of Dead

Kolkata, July 30, 2015(Washington Bangla Radio): After conjuring a superb on-screen chemistry in Raj Chakrabarty directed ‘Bojhe na Se Bojhe na’ and Arindam Sil’s ‘Ebar Sobor’, Abir Chatterjee and Payel Sarkar is again pairing up to the audience together in upcoming tollywood flick ‘Jomer Raja Dilo Bor’. The film is being directed by debutant director Abir Sengupta. So it’s ‘Abir Directing Abir’ in this film.

Paayal Sarkar plays Ria Banerjee who is a smart, intelligient lady. Ria hates men as she thinks that they only have body but no soul. Her hatred for men has even promoted her to write an entire book titled ‘1000 reasons to hate men’. But her family ultimately finds a perfect man for her. This man Deb Das (Abir Chatterjee) is the most perfect groom a lady can think of. But unfortunately Deb Das dies the very next morning of their marriage. Ria seeks out ‘Jomer Raja’ and asks him to return his husband from the land of dead. As the film rolls on audience will be shown what happens after that and if Ria can really get his husband back.

                                             Payel Sarkar in a scene from the film

 Apart from Abir and Payel, we will see Debolina Dutta playing Jhumpa, Ria’s best buddy with who Ria shares all her secrets. Laboni Sarkar plays Indrani, Ria’s mother. But all eyes will be upon Rajatava Dutta as he gets into the skin of  Jomer Raja.

                      Abir Chatterjee in a scene from the film

Director Abir Sengupta is known for penning popular Television serials like C.I. D and Emotional Atyachar. Though he is quite successful as a writer in Mumbai based productions he has chosen Bengali Film Industry for his directorial debut.

Anupam Roy has composed music for the film. Nabarun Bose has composed the background music for the film. Pratik Deora is the man behind the lens for this film. Sanjib Dutta will be editing the film.

                                          Debolina Dutta and Paayel Sarkar

Produced by Anushree Mehta the film will release on 4th September. It will be distributed by Pramod films.

Reporting by Paulami Chanda

Watch the making teaser of Jomer Raja Dilo Bor