Goutam Ghosh and Prosenjit Chatterjee re-unites for Sankhachil, one more Indo-Bangladeshi film

Kolkata July 21, 2015(Washington Bangla Radio): Riding on the Success of ‘Moner Manush’ Gauram Ghosh and Tollywood megastar Prosenjit Chatterjee once again comes together with another Indo-Bangladeshi project titled Sankhachil. This will be Goutam Ghosh’s third Indo Bangladeshi project after ‘Padma Nadir Majhi’ and ‘Moner Manush’

The cast of the film is a mixture of actors from Kolkata Bengali film industry and Bangladeshi Film Industry. Kusum Sikder, the actress known for her roles in Bangladeshi movie ‘Gohiner Shobdo’ and ‘Lal Tip’. Kusum plays the role of Laila, wife of the protagonist Badal (Prosenjit Chatterjee) . Another Bangladeshi actress Anum Rehman Khan plays their daughter Sanjhbati.

                                        Prosenjit Chatterjee

The film also has actors like Dipankar Dey, Ushashie Chakraborty and Arindam Sil in pivotal roles.

Director Goutam Ghosh has shot the film in a number of locations which include Taki, Kolkata and many parts of Bangladesh, mainly in the border areas. According to sources the director had to go through rigorous recee sessions to find appropriate locations.

                                     Goutam Ghosh

The title Sankhachil is the name of a bird and is considered the king of birds. According to hindu mythologhy this bird is the carrier of Lord Vishnu. To explain the significance of the title, the director said, “Although political boundary has divided Bengal into West Bengal and Bangladesh but the natives shares same culture, food habits, language. The film explores the tragic tale of a couple who has an ailing daughter. The story also reveals how the family is exposed to and suffers from the different kind of crisis that arises in border areas. The story rolls on when the family comes to Kolkata for their daughter’s treatment.

                                              Kusum Sikder

Goutam Ghosh who is known for his films on sensitive and humane issues has proved again and again that he is among the best when it comes to capturing of rural backdrops. Audience can surely expect some beautiful frames of rural Bengal.  The music of this film is being composed by Hemango Biswas.

Reporting by Paulami Chanda