Top music fraternities comes together at Sahaj Parav

Kolkata, July 16, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio):: Time flows and before we blink our eyes we are at the doorsteps of the second edition of Sahaj Parav -the root music festival. Brought to you by Lopamudra Productions and Dohar the festival received enormous support and fabulous response heartening the organisers to move ahead.

Sahaj Parav is an urge to go back to the rich cultural diversity of our nation. It is a call to return to our roots and invest in our future. The festival will once again present the prosperous traditional music showcasing the loaded timber and vibrancy of the artistic milieu of the sub-continent.

Chandradoy Ghosh, Srikanto Acharya, Mamata Shankar, UStad Ali Ahmad Hussain Khan, Kalika Prasad Bhattacharjee, Lopa Mudra Mitra, Anindo Chaterjee, Haider Hussain and Joy Sarkar at Sahaj Parav Launch

                            Haider Hussain, son of Ustad Ali Ahmad Hussain Khan performing with Shehnai 

                                                Joy Sarkar

“We will bring performing arts from myriad fields through ethnic and folk groups to one platform to enthral, excite and evolve. While entertainment is at the core of this festival, to educate and create awareness is the vision,” Lopamudra Mitra said.

Rajib of Dohar added: “While Teejan Bai will inaugurate the festival, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia will attend the closing ceremony. Munawar Masoom- the popular Qawwali singer of Madhya Pradesh, Parvathy Baul from Kerala on special public demand and Dilbahar–folk artist from Bangladesh among others are also supposed to grace the three day festival.”

Besides being thrilled by powerful performance of Pandavani by Teejan Bai, Kirtan by Sumon we can feast our senses on Sahaj Yatra featuring Dhak-dhol, Ron Pa, Sree Khol Badya, Bihu, Chou, Baul, Kathakali, Bohurupi, Saontaali, Raibeshe etc.

                              Rajib Das, Lopamudra Mitra,Srikanta Acharya, Kalika Prasad Bhattacharjee and Joy Sarkar

“The ambience will be created to allow the artists to perform in the natural surroundings. This will be a cauldron of performing arts where dance, music, art, seminars and vocals will be going on at the same time. We will give the people a heady concoction of real music from our roots with rich pursuit to give pleasure,” said Kalikapraad from Dohar.
Sahaj Parav is a non-profitable music platform to uphold to the people in general and this generation in particular. The richness of our roots will dazzle the people with a series of performing arts. Sahaj Parab will soon become the epicentre of all root art forms to converge and evolve.              

Let the music flow! Let’s return to our soil!

                                     Ustad Ali Ahmad Husaain Khan

Some of the highlights of this music fest are:
Felicitation to Ustad Ali Ahmed Hussain Khan & Dhol maestro of Bengal Boloram Hazra
Guest of honour : Shantanu Moitra (Mumbai)
Devatmoyee – the soul of the Gods – Manipuri Nartanalaya
Bihu – Simanta Sekhar (Assam)
Chompraign – Artist from Tripura
Gotipua - Chandramani Pradhan – Orissa
Sidhi Goma – The Sidis of Gujarat are a tribal Sufi community of East African origin which came to India eight centuries ago and made Gujarat their home. They carried with them their exceptionally rich musical tradition and kept it alive and flourishing through the generations, unknown to the rest of the world.
Vayali Folk Group – The group is from Kerala. They have an unique Bamboo Orchestra which uses only instruments made out of bamboo.