A respectful initiative to keep Rituparno's FIRST PERSON alive

“First Person” is an autobiographical column in Bengali by the respected and admired Indian film-maker Rituparno Ghosh that had been published over the years in a Bengali daily ‘Sangbad Pratidin’s weekly supplement ‘Robbar’ since its inception till Ghosh’s demise.‘First Person’ records insightful emotions on films, poetry, and the film maker’s personal life (to name a few among several other issues that his writing dwells upon). Ghosh’s utterances many a times compel us to sense profoundly the essential human being within us and gradually evolve into a better one for the subsequent days of our life. Rituparno Ghosh’s ‘First Person’ is thus not only a text to be confined to the pages but meant to be performed in front of a global audience.Saumya De in association with “banglanatak dot com” has embarked upon a journey to materialise this long-aspired dream.


Moitreyee Banerjee, a disciple of the celebrated Rabindra Sangeet exponent Late Maya Sen, is a regular performer at Yuva Bani (All India Radio, Kolkata) and is blessed with the rare opportunity of succeeding with scholarships from Centre for Cultural Resources, New Delhi, Government of India and Nehru Children’s Museum, Kolkata. Moitreyee is also privileged with a first position at Rabindra Sangeet competition organised by Rajya Sangeet Academy.

 Shri Arghya Sen’s tutelage has enabled Saumya De to evolve into a passionate singer. Radio being a major motivating factor since his budding years, Saumya had been a part of SRFTI Community Radio, an initiative of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India. Saumya De’s association with The Statesman had been another of his long-aspired dreams. Initiatives solely dedicated to Bengali music and poetry is presently Saumya De’s foremost engagement.


banglanatak dot com (reaching out to people) is a social enterprise working across India specialising in ‘communication for development using theatre and developing community led creative industries based on intangible cultural heritage’ such as performing arts and crafts.


“First Person – Rituparno Ghosh : A Musical” has been proposed to be performed at Akhra@Baitanik, Kolkata (4 Elgin Road, Kolkata 700020; Contact Number : 24178516) sometime in November / December.

The exact date of the performance is yet to be confirmed.