Book Review: Gold Dust by Santwana Chatterjee

GOLD DUST – A Gold mine of memories and emotional narration by Santwana Chatterjee

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By Mriganka Majumder

July 28, 2014 (Washington Bangla Radio) Many a times, when you turn the pages of a book in a reluctant way to get the central idea, you are unsure about the outcome.  In some, you are slowly but surely dragged towards the plot weaved by the writer and remained there for a long time even after completing the book.

Gold dust by Santwana Chatterjee, is such a piece that make you laugh, cry and emotionally attached with the characters all the time. Her simple but magical touch in weaving the story will surely make the readers glued to the book till the ‘END.’

WBRi is proud to let its readers and listeners know that we are the one who first published her story in our website before it got printed (you can get the idea and essence of the story from HERE »).

Central character of Gold Dust is Rina, who is digging deep to share her priceless memories. Her story flows like a flowing river and create an environment of attachment within the readers.

Though the novel starts with death it travels a long distance back ending almost at a half circle with a happy note. Santwana has dealt with the various characters with empathy and tried to explain difficult situations philosophically with an open mind.

The story is about a sister talking in retrospect about her brother and grandfather, the two people who meant most in her life and other adventures in general. The novel has been written in the backdrop of Indian Independence. It is also about family ties and values, of love and admiration, about greed and treachery.

In this book Santwana has talked about death , faith , prayer and life all intertwined through the story told by a sister who just lost her brother; the main thread running all through is 'love' in all its entirety. Though the novel starts with death it travels a long distance back ending almost at a half circle with a happy note.

The love at first sight from a child’s point of view to heart worming story of Rina’s father who honored a old lady by taking her from the street of Kolkata to her home who lived the life of  caring ‘Daima’ to her.  Her time with ‘Bumba’ is an example of brother sister bonding, which is becoming a rarity.

Incidentally, this is Santawana’s first full length novel and the reader will feel that the art of storytelling comes very natural to her.

Gold Dust is published from Pothi  and Santwana feels this book is sure to leave a lasting impression on the readers' mind and would touch them at the core of their heart. We hope people of all ages would like to share the memories of the narrator.

We would request all the readers, listeners of WBRi to grab a copy of Gold Dust to be in the good side of memories.