Interview - Bengali Actress Meghna Halder: "Bangla Movie Ei Raat Tomar Amar" has taken a separate place in my filmography

Meghna Halder, the Bengali actress who is known for her Bollywood flicks Mere ‘Hum Safar’ with Siddharth Koirala and ‘Take Off’ Rajpal Yadav and Kaji Toukir, is once again ready to put the screen on fire along with the very handsome Priyangshu Chatterjee with thier upcoming film ‘Ei Raat Tomar Amar’. Meghna also has a brilliant filmography in Bengali film industry which includes films like ‘Shapmochon’ with Jishu, ‘Sathihara’ with superstar Jeet, critically acclaimed movie Barrage 86 and many more. The actress speaks her heart out about the film, the bold scenes, her experience working with Priyanshu and more Tell us about your character in ‘Ei Raat Tomar Amar’.


Meghna: I have been quite lucky to get different kind of roles right through the beginning of my career and that too continues in this film. I play the role of a girl named Nivedita in the film who is in love with Arya since their childhood. Two of them were just inseparable from each other. Now when they have grown up and it’s time to take their relation into the next step, destiny strikes. Arya met an accident which makes him invalid. Nivedita’s parent goes against her marriage with an invalid person and arranges her marriage to another well settled guy. So Nivedita, just before her marriage pays one last visit to Arya. Arya convinces her to stay with him for the night and they are consumed by love, lust and passion. I have played a very different role in this film and I portrayed my character with all kind of liberty.

How was it working with Priyanshu Chatterjee?

Meghna: I was a big fan of him since I had watched ‘Tum Bin’. It felt quite unreal at first to be working with him. He is such a well-known actor and has work with so many legends of the film industry. He himself is such a big star and has so vast experience but he has not the slightest of pamper. Priyanshu is very co-operative and it is so easy to mix up with him. Actually it is him who will come forward and break the ice taking everyone into a comfort zone. I was a fan of star Priyanshu before but now I have become a fan of the person Priyanshu more. Wish I will get few more chances to work with him in this life.

The film has a lot of sexually explicit scenes. How did you prepare for those scenes?

Meghna: I am very professional about these kinds of scenes. This is not the first time I have shot bold sequences. When I am on the floor my whole concentration is on whether the needed performance is being given by me or not. No matter how much explicit the scene is. Yes there are some real explicit scenes in the film but Priyanshu kept me very comfortable all through the way. He discussed every single moment of the scenes and we did not realised how fast the sequences got shot. The director duo Soumya and Supriya too shot those scenes very aesthetically.

Ei Raat Tomar Amar,meghna halder,priyanshu
                                     Meghna in Ei Raat toma r Amar.

Which was the most challenging part of playing this character?

Meghna: The whole thing about this character was challenging. It was not easy to portray the desperation in her for Arya as when it blended with submission to destiny and determination of stealing time one last time.It is quite challenging to express sadness, momentary joy, sense of transience and craziness in love all at the same time. Apart from performance I have to manage my hair very carefully as the hairstyle I was given was done very delicately. I had to be very carefully not to mess it up as the whole time consuming process may had to be repeated.

Ei Raat Tomar Amar,meghna halder,priyanshu
                                     Priyanshu and Meghna in a lovemaking scene in Bangla movie Ei Raat Tomar Aamar

How was it working with Soumya and Supriya, the director duo?

Meghna: It was fabulous to work with Soumya and Supriya. They are the kinds who look to do everything with pin point accuracy and perfection. They have done a very smart making of the film. It’s not only filmmaking , they are very systematic about every single details. Whether it is about script narrating to dialogue implementation or is it dispatching of payments, they excute every thing with sheer perfection.

How will you place this movie in your filmography?

Meghna: Every single movie I do remains very special to me. So it is very difficult for me to rank them with numbers. ‘Ei Raat Tomar Amar’ is very different from other movies and has a very special place for me. Movies like Barrage 86, Sesh Awnker Khela or Shaapmochan can never be compared to each other. Like that I don’t want to compare this movie with others. It has already earned a very separate place among the all the movies I have done so far.

What reasons will you give the audience for watching this movie?

Meghna: The audience should watch this movie as it is very different than any love story they have ever seen. Every person has fallen in love at some point of time. This movie will remind them of their love whether they had lost it nor not. Moreover the making of the film is also very unique and the art direction in the film is among the best ever seen in Tollywood.

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