Could it Moumita Adhikary


 Could it tell.....

Could it tell?

How to go that route after

On the soonest occasion after the present

Could it tell what would be that present?


Tried to be nice,

Yet pictures suggest

Granny smiled little more

On every birthday

Of that numb brother.


Mama told

Not to be naughty

Time said

Gentleness is considered weakness!


Daddy said

To solve sums in Maths

Beyond school, life says

Talent is directly proportional

To length of dress.


Learnt somewhere

Self-discipline is duty

However, seen considered

Revealing clothes

Are the measures of beauty.


Sometimes can't believe,

There's so much of love,

Two siblings, one mango

Brother munches the mango

Sister is left for the feel-low punch!


On that edge,

Some sort of sisters chatter

Everybody cares the sister

With shorter dress

That seems all what matter.


World full of commodities

Amidst lots of egos

Often suffocate till death

To many love tales ago.


Brides and grooms on sale,

When might is fought

Not to be right

Often results are on coffin nail.


Could it tell,

Tomorrow what story to sell;

To the next human breed,

To value ethics

Or to put ethics on sale?