Interview: They Call Me Q!- Qurrat Kadwani Trailblazes Washington DC Theater Circuit with Refreshing One-Woman 13 Character Show

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Kolkata, July 30 (Washington Bangla Radio): Qurrat Ann Kadwani who has been proclaimed by the leading news dailies as “A Theatrical Force” spoke to WBRi about her award winning solo play “They Call Me Q!”, her inspirations, aspirations and future projects.

In a candid chat session with WBRi correspondent Devasish Ray, Qurrat spoke at length about how and why the whole idea of doing this play came about and what has been the audience response about this one of a kind play.

Qurrat was born in Mumbai but shifted to Bronx quite early in life with her family after which she did her schooling and completed her higher education from the States. It is this immigrant experience that Qurrat has tried to highlight in her play with characters etched out from her real life encounters which includes her friends and even her parents. By way of this highly entertaining and engaging play, Qurrat not only tries to find her identity but also makes an effort to tell people that immigrants too have all the right to enjoy the freedom that the country bestows upon its citizens and its high time that the natives change their perception about immigrants and stop bullying them in schools and showing them down in other public places. The best thing bout Qurrat’s efforts is that though this play is primarily targeted to the immigrants and ethnics, even the Native Americans have appreciated her efforts and form a major portion of the engaged audience in most of her shows.

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In Qurrat’s Monodrama They Call Me Q!” which is a one hour play, Qurrat plays the role of 13 different characters namely her traditional Indian parents, Caucasian teachers, Puerto Rican classmates, African-American friends and various Indian women and with her engaging acts tries to address the universal question “What happens when you don’t fit into either culture?” . The fact that Qurrat has also portrayed the character of her own father onstage is quite interesting and Mr.Ray couldn’t help but ask her if she got ready approval from her father for this. To this Qurrat said that this was probably the most difficult, sensitive yet crucial part of her play due to which she had to exercise a lot of care and caution while creating this character and eventually playing it on stage. Qurrat says that she has been able to shape up the other characters by closely observing immigrants around her, specially the taxi drivers and even many of her class mates and friends.

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Qurrat also revealed that she always had a passion for acting and has performed in numerous plays right from the time when she was in college and even written and produced many popular plays. Quarrat is currently touring the United States and Canada performing her play in different cities and is simultaneously working on writing, directing and producing many other plays.

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When talking about her upcoming tours, Mr. Ray also asked Qurrat about her plans of visiting India and performing her play for the Indian audience. To this Qurrat said that being able to perform in India is one of her most cherished dreams and she would willingly grab this opportunity if it comes her way, in fact she even says that she would make conscious efforts in the near future to try and organize a tour to India.

Qurrat’s play They Call Me Q!, known for its tremendous humor and compelling emotions has garnered worldwide appreciation and even won the award of best play in New York City positioning Qurrat as one of the most celebrated theater artists in the States.

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