Review, Trailer: New Bangla Movie Half Serious - Rupa Ganguly perfect embodiment of Durga, Saheb’s acting shines

By Sayanti Ghosh/ WBRINN
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Kolkata, July 30 (Washington Bangla Radio): Director Utsab Mukherjee under the banner of HD Entertainment, made his debut with a ‘social satire’ presenting young guns Saheb Bhattacharya, Mumtaz Sorcar and Riddhima as the lead cast.  ‘HALF SERIOUS’, is an offbeat film where the Gods and common people from the Heaven and the Earth respectively come together revealing the ‘present societal gender inequalities’ in an ironical manner.

 Though the film did not possess any definite storyline, which may disappoint a large section of the audience, many have definitely appreciated concept of the film. The director has portrayed something new and interesting with the hilarious activities of all the characters that dwell in the Heaven. Those were the Brahma (Paran Bondopadhyay), Vishnu (Sankar Chakraborty), Shib (Kharaj Mukherjee) Debarshee Narod (Biswanath ), Kali (Damini Basu) and Indra( Abhijit Roy) and the powerful Goddess Durga, played by Roopa Ganguly. The first half of the film deals with the ‘male- dominated’ society on the Earth. Here, Utshab Mukherjee deserves ‘10 on 10’ for his animation while acquainting the ‘Dutta Bari’. Critical issues like male upper hand over women, killing of a girl offspring and female vituperate were deliberately handled in the film; not very seriously, rather ‘Half Seriously’.

 Arka (Shaheb) is the youngest son of the Dutta family, a person with full respect for women, quite unlike the other male members of his family. At home, he helps his mother and sister-in-law in their household activities and is thus mocked and teased as the ‘youngest daughter of the famly’ by the local boys. He has an affair with Tuli (Riddhima) while on the other hand, Mumtaaz (Tania), the spoilt daughter of the Dutta neighbors is crazy about him thus creating a love triangle.

new kolkata bangla movie review

The real fun started in the second half when the entire scenario transformed into ‘female dominated society’. The women got all the powers and started to rule. The film contains sack full of excellent dialogues. “Betachele hoe jonmechish, mon die ghor-shongshar kor” and many such dialogues presented comically can easily get the audience into fits of laughter.

Technically, the film is quite good. Some shots can even be called brilliant. Editing could have been sharper though. Joy Sarkar has composed the music keeping the comic element of the film in mind. But in-spite of his efforts the music may not really strike a chord with the audience and do that well in the industry.

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Saheb, Riddhima and Mumtaz were quite mature in their performance. Feluda’s new‘Topshe’ did a remarkable job executing his role as the bearer of characteristics of the opposite sex. Mumtaz as a local tomboyish girl with a liking for Arka as well as street fights is a delight to watch. She perhaps has given the best performance in the film. The director also plays a cameo as a couple. Shilajit and Sudipta have also played their parts well. Although she did not get much scope to show her acting skills but was not bad in whatever little she did.

The debutant director Utsab Mukherjee had put lots of effort but everything in the film was somehow very predictable. Altogether, ‘HALF SERIOUS’ can be well perceived as a ‘wonderful social message’ rather than ‘a perfect story’.     

Half Serious (Bengali Film) Official Trailer (You Tube)