Half Serious: Latest Kolkata Bangla Movie Kolkata premiere; Riddhima and Mumtaz looked ravishing in shoulder less dresses

By Sayanti Ghosh / WBRINN


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Kolkata, July 30 (Washington Bangla Radio): After several hardships and restrictions, Utsav Mukherjee finally broke all the confinements and screened his debut directorial venture ‘Half Serious’ at Priya Cinema Hall on Friday. Many dignitaries of Tollywood Industry graced the evening.

The first person to reach the venue was Anindya who arrived along with his wife Pampa and daughter Aishika. The devil of the daily soap ‘Sahki’ was looking very delighted with his family. The on screen notorious ’Debojit Shanyal’ could be confused easily with the man who was present there. Soon the cast and crew of Half Serious attracted the attention of the media with their graceful presence. Saheb, Riddhima, Mumtaz, Rupa Ganguly and Sudipta along with the director Utsav, music director Joy and many others joined the guests of the evening.

Saheb looking dapper in a dazzling red shirt and blue jacket spoke to WBRi about his role in Half Serious. “I am playing Arka in the film. He is a person with lots of respect for the women and believes in ‘gender equality’. The film is actually the medium of rendering power to the women”. When asked about the controversy regarding the making of the film, Saheb confidently replied that he had faith to his director and the production house that they have not copied anything from anyone. “We have the credibility with us and controversy is something that is never ending”, said the actor. Regarding his role as ‘Topshe’ in Feluda Series, Saheb informed WBRi that he not yet receieved the call for working as the next Topshe, “Lets see will I be the Topshe in the next project or not”, told Saheb.

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Saheb was a bit nervous as well as excited about the release of the film and shared his feelings with the media. “Naturally I don’t get nervous but this time I am feeling as if the result of my Madhyamik Exam is going to be declared since it’s an experimental film and made by a debutant director”, said Saheb. The actor urged the audience to come and see the film as it will appeal to all from 8 to 80 years old. “Girls come to watch it but please don’t get inspired”, requested the actor comically. 

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According to him, he had worked with many esteemed directors even for the stories of Satyajit Ray but he has worked with a new director on an experimental theme for this film. Still he regards that this film is one of the best directorial ventures and the director has done a fabulous job.

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For the director, Utsav Mukherjee, ‘Half Serious’ is a way of furnishing inspiration to the tortured woman, so that they can act out powerfully to protect themselves from the ‘male- dominated society’. Their prior motive was to promote this cause not in a very serious manner but ‘HALF SERIOUSLY’; thus the film’s title ‘HALF SERIOUS’.

Roopa Ganguly, who plays the role of Goddess ‘Durga’ in the film, attended the evening with her son Akash. The actress in a white sari and heavy danglers was literally looking like a Goddess ‘humanified’.  “I have brought my son to watch the film and he is enjoying  a lot. After seeing the entire movie, he will understand why his mother always rules like Durga in the house”, she said at the time of interval when the cast and crew of ‘Half Serious’ gathered on the stage to address the audience and the media present.

The team of ‘Agun’ that included Indrashish, Gaurav Chakraborty and Anindita was also present at the event. Ridhima, too is going to play a pivotal role in the film. ‘Agun’ is a film under production and is based on the life of Professor Surya Sen whose character will be played by Sabyasachi Chakraborty.