West Bengal Film Journalists Association launched in Kolkata, Tollywood Hero Prosenjit Chatterjee graced the occasion

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal / WBRINN
Kolkata Tollywood Film Industry

Kolkata, July 30 (Washington Bangla Radio): Bengali films have gone through several phases in the last five years and have reserved a place for itself in the realm of world cinema too. Therefore, in order to study, discuss, analyse and exchange different views and ideas regarding film, an association named West Bengal Film Journalists Association(WBFJA) was inaugurated in the city on Tuesday at Rotary Sadan.

Two of Tollywood’s eternal superstars Soumitra Chatterjee and Prosenjit added to the glamor quotient of the evening with their presence. Legendary filmmaker Mrinal Sen was also supposed to come but unfortunately could not make it to the show due to ill health.

The show began with remembering the legendary villain of Indian Cinema Bollywood’s own Pran Krishan Sikand who has been one of the most talked about portrayers of negative roles in Indian cinema and breathed his last in Mumbai on the 12th of this month at the age of 93. “As a human being he was wonderful as well as a great actor”, said superstar Prosenjit. The Tollywood superstar more fondly known to everyone as Bumba Da shared some incidents related to his working with Pran- “Once I came to see off my father at the Kolkata airport. Pran sir was present there; soon I found some young ladies, who though eagerly waiting for his autograph would not move forward for the fear that he might grab their hands”; such was the reel life villan’s influence on the minds of people. “While working with him for ‘Ajana Path’, I started having grapes mixed with curd as lunch for maintaining my diet regimen after seeing Pran Sahhab do that”, he added.

WBFJA logo was formally unveiled by Soumitra and Prasenjit.   Filmmaker Sandip Ray, actors Biplab and Subhashish were also present at the venue. WBFJA was recognized as a ‘charitable trust’. It is a platform for the film journalists so that they can gather and discuss with each other proper information on films, said Nirmal Dhar, Secretary, WBFJA. It has no contention with previously formed BFJA, rather  is invigorated by its efforts. The day to day work and the professional atmosphere will be handled by ‘Real Reel’, a Media Entertainment Company, ha added.

Kolkata tollywood hero prosenjit

It was also let known to everybody that the organization is an open field for all journalists covering films news. The membership forms will be distributed soon. Admission fee Rs. 500/- and monthly fee will be Rs. 100/- only. WBFJA will educate the journalists through film screenings, premieres, retrospectives, etc. There will be film library, reading room for better understanding of the film. Their prior objective is to make people understand that film is not only about entertainment, entertainment and entertainment; it’s an art in itself.  The association will provide adequate back up to the financially incapable students who cannot afford cope with the ever increasing costs of the journalism institutions. They would also like to render support to journalism schools and colleges with necessary information. The basic art of journalism lies in the pattern of asking questions to the celebrities. Therefore, WBFJA will assist in developing this technique.

Kolkata tollywood hero prosenjit

The entire event was beautifully hosted by the National award winner actress Sudipta Chakrabarty who made the evening even more beautiful.