Eid-ul-Fitr 2013, Sensational Bangladeshi Singer Nazu Akhanda’s new Audio Music Album ‘Ektu Jayga De' to be launched

Nazu Akhanda image

Dhaka, July 29 (Washington Bangla Radio) : After a long waiting, Nazu Akhanda, the beautiful voice, is now coming up with her new album `EEktu Jayga De’ this Eid-ul-Fitr to captivate the heart of the music lovers. This album is produced by Agniveena, the topnotch music producer of the country. 

All 9 tracks contained in the album have a unique tone sure to make an impression. Prince Mahmud, Fuad, FA Sumon and Tausif is to be credited for the composition of the songs. 

The tracks are 1. Ektu Jayga De 2. Mon Bojho Na 3. Majh Nodite 4. Khat Nai Palong Nai 5. Sarabela 6. Brishti 7. Kate Na Somoy 8. Pagol and 9. Swapno Tumi. Prince Mahmud, Mahmud Jewel, Shahan Kobondho, Ibu and Nayeem Talukder wrote the beautiful lyrics for the songs. 

Speaking on the album, Nazu Akhanda says, I have gone through hard days waiting for the birth of this album. I always had a heart to produce something different, something unique. I believe, finally, this album has met all my expectations. I am confident `Ektu Jayga De’ is certain to win the heart of my listeners during upcoming Eid festival. 

The album is available at all the top music stores of the city.