NEEL SHOPNO Bangla new movie a bad blue dream for audience: Story, Review, Wallpaper and Trailer

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

latest kolkata bangla movie review

Kolkata, July 28 (Washington Bangla Radio): Shyamal Basu directed Neel Swapno released on the 26th of July. The premiere show of the film which took place at Indira cinemas was able to pull a modest number of audiences for the first day show of the film.

The story of the film can be summed up in a few lines. The story is about a young village boy named Ayan, who wants to make a name through his work. Ayan is interested in photography and wants to be known as an accomplished photographer. He gets an offer to work in a reputed advertising agency in Kolkata and leaves for Kolkata to fulfill his dreams. His father however fails to understand the charms of the city and they have a mild tussle over city-village divide. Sathi, who grew up in the house of Ayan loves him but is unable to express her feelings. While working in Kolkata, Ayan falls in love with Rebecca, an aspiring model. Their love story is short lived as the girl leaves for Mumbai to fulfill her dreams of becoming a top model. Meanwhile, Tusi, the owner of the house where Ayan lives as a paying guest falls in love with him but he nullifies her advances towards him. Ayan meets with an accident and Sathi comes to take care of him. Will he stay back in the city or will he go back to his village is what forms the next part of the story.

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The thought of showing the divide between the city and the village may sound good in the script, but the presentation on screen is a disaster by the director. The director loses the grip on the story immediately after the film starts. The presentation of the film is amateurish and so are the camera angles. Girls seem to be falling in love with the hero Ayan at the blink of an eyelid. From the girl Sathi in the village to Rebecca or Tusi in the city, no girl it seems can remain away from the latent charms of the hero. The film rather than a becoming a story about the city-village divide becomes a story focusing on the number of girls who become mesmerized by the charms of the hero.

latest kolkata bangla movie review

Acting turns out to be another disaster in the movie. Some of the characters looked like they were sleep walking in the film while some others were shouting at the top of their voices. Tusi played by actress Moumita is an over the top, loud woman who justifies her shouting act by stating that people in the city needs to be talked out loud. Was the director hinting at the fact that people in the city have hearing problems? Ayan played by Akash is nothing out of the blue. He is loud and often mouths his dialogues as if he is just blurting out a learned line somehow committed to memory. His acting is lifeless. Divya who plays the role of Rebecca is equally bad in acting. The biggest mystery lies in the fact why experienced actors like Dolon Roy and Bhaskar Banerjee agreed to do such films. They are the only actors who can be tolerated in the film.

Music in the film by Mrinal Kanti Gayen is also another nightmare. One song is worse than the other. Be it a romantic number like “Senorita tumi jano” or a sad song like “ek mutho swapno”, the songs fail to strike a chord in the minds of the audience. The item song “jonaki mon” is not only bad for the ears; it is also equally displeasing for the eyes.

The director and the cast may have got their dreams fulfilled with this film. But the audiences’ dream will be crushed and they may be subjected to nightmares. Neel Swapno is one dream which you must avoid at any cost.