Kolkata Tollywood actress Raima Sen Declares herself a “Foodie” at the launch of Oleev Active health oil

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

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Kolkata, July 27 (Washington Bangla Radio): “I am a foodie. I simply love to eat” said popular Kolkata Tollywood actress Raima Sen at the launch of the new variant in the healthy oil category- Oleev Active. Present at the launch of the healthy oil was Mr. Akshay Modi, who is the Executive Director of Modi Naturals Ltd. The launch of the new product took place at Hotel Hindustan International.

Raima Sen who came to unveil the new product Oleev Active looked bright in her green colored Anarkali. The unique design on the hands of the dress gave her a princess like look. Her nude colored high heeled pumps and her open tresses further heightened this image. The actress was all smiles and posed readily for photographs with the new product. “I became aware of healthy eating much later. I did not pay much attention to what I ate before. It is after joining this profession that my habits changed and I realized the benefits of eating healthy. The best part is once you start eating healthy food you will not like to eat anything else” said the actress. Raima also added that not only celebrities but the common people must also pay attention to healthy eating habits. In this way they will be able to avoid many life threatening diseases like heart attacks. When questioned whether she has cut down on her consumption of food, the actress smiled and said “That will not be possible as I love to eat. What I have done is I have replaced the old oils with the healthy edible oils. This ensures that I can continue to eat to my heart’s content without compromising my health. Focusing more on health is very important”. The actress has even tried the new product of the company and felt it to be lighter and tastier than the other oils that one gets normally in the shops.

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Mr. Akshay Modi gave an audio visual presentation for the media and the assembled guest before the unveiling of the new product. Speaking on the occasion he said “Oleev Active is a unique blend of Olive oil and Rice Bran oil especially created to fulfill the demands of modern lifestyle. It reduces the production of bad cholesterol in blood and prevents diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart ailments without compromising on the taste of the meals. The absorption of oil is less and this makes the food lighter, healthier and tastier”. The most important feature of the oil is that it can be used for any type of cooking. This makes it an ideal for using it in frying, deep frying or any other cooking purposes. Akshay Modi aspires to position the company as the leading FMCG firm in India and take it to greater heights.

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The oil is available in one litre packs and is priced at one hundred and fifty five rupees. Hence if you want to stay healthy and do not want to compromise on your health, make sure you try this healthy oil.