Miss & Mrs Kolkata Gujarati fashion show held in town; Pink to be the fashion statement this Durga Puja says ace Designer

By Sayanti Ghosh / WBRINN


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Kolkata, July 27 (Washington Bangla Radio): Miss & Mrs Kolkata Gujarati, the Kolkata leg of one of India’s largest community beauty pageants was organized with pomp at Kala Mandir in the city. The show was mainly conducted to promote the Gujrati culture and tradition and to bring forth their hidden talent. According to Bhavna Hemani, today’s Gujarati women and girls have goals, ideas and ambitions and therefore, this platform will render them an opportunity to enhance their education, learning and sharpen their skills for the world outside.

“Most of the Gujarati women are not much exposed to the outside world. They are mainly home-makers and spend their time inside the boundaries of the four walls. So, I thought to do something which will bring them out”, Bhavna Hemani told to WBRi. The man who is operating the entire pageant of Miss & Mrs India Gujrati is Minal Wakharia from Hyderabad. Mehul Meghani, Priyanka Shah and Nisha Desai are the other organizers of this event.

The contest was structured into three sections- Miss Kolkata Gujarati, Mrs Kolkata Gujarati and the sweet, little Kids aged between 5-10 and 11-15 years old.  The show started with the ‘Nanne Farishte’ i.e. the Kid’s Fashion Show. Small boys and girls delightfully embellished the morning. Preeti Patel and Juhi were the judges for the Kid’s competition. The ‘farishte’, both boys and girls also presented a dance performance and cheered the audiences. Then there were the ‘Anarkali’ which was followed by the’ introduction round’ that took place. The contestants of ‘Mrs Kolkata Gujrati’ took the stage as they walked in beautiful as well as gorgeous ‘Anarkali Churidar Suits’that was contributed by Sasya and Simaaya. Each of them introduced themselves to the judges and the audiences. The honorable judges included Ace designer- Jaya Misra, Abhishek Dutta, Indroneel Mukherjee and Dimpi Mahajan, Richa Sharma and Neeraj Surana. Indroneel Mukherjee is the western outfit designer. He exclusively shared with WBRi what he feels about the Gujarati Fashion. “Guajarati fashion to me is very bright, gorgeous and has lot of colors, includes green, magenta, and so on. I will design something in ‘pink’ for the coming Puja”. He also gave fashion tip to WBRi. “Always wear the dress in which you feel comfortable”. Next, the Miss Kolkata Gujarati came into view in marvelous white saris, designed by Jaya Misra and they introduced themselves. After the completion of the ‘Introduction Round’, Mrs Kolkata Gujarati catalyzed the ‘Sari Round’, sponsored by Sasya and Simaaya(Costume Partners). The Fitness Partners were the ‘YOU’ and the ‘Real Yoga’. The special performances in the show were the real power yoga and the fitness dance presentation. 

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According to Richa Sharma, all participants were as good as winners irrespective of the fact whether they had the title or not. Jaya Misra agreed with her. “All of them have put forward their hard work and this is clear in their performances. So, for me too everyone is the winner”, said Jaya. Dimpi Mahajan stated the ‘little babies’ as very sweet. “I am having a great time here. I don’t know how the judges will judge them because for me it would be very difficult to chose one from them.”, Dimpi said.

Jessica Gomes was in-charge of the ‘grooming session’. To her, she faced the hardest time since some of the participants were not able to handle heels, some were very much uncomfortable in saris and for some make-up was the thing they have never used before. But she felt very proud when all of them performed very well. Twenty finalists (ten from each Miss and Mrs section) were selected for the ‘Question-Answer Round’ based on the combination of beauty with brain. “Standing on the stage and giving answers to the questions fearlessly is not an easy job. Hats off to all the ‘Mrs’ as they were not accustomed to all such things, said Indroneel, while Abhishek Dutta praised the families for their support. “All of the contestants are looking very beautiful and confident. This platform will help them in their future also”, said Abhishek.

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Among the finalists, two won the crown. The winners of the Miss and Mrs Kolkata Gujarati were Ashna Shah and Reshma Mehta respectively. Reshma Mehta was crowned by Jaya Misra while Richa Sharma was crowned by Ashna.  In between all this Jaya mentioned that she will be going for the ‘Bridal Asia’. She likes to wear gowns and saris and finds the ‘Bridal Collection’ to be the most challenging in her career as a designer. From the Miss section First Runner Up was Charvi Shah while the position of the Second Runner Up was grabbed by Bhumika Kocheta. From the Mrs Kolkata Gujrati category, First Runner Up  was Shruti Doshi and Second Runner Up- Bhavisha Khara. The Winner Crown from Kid’s category (Girls 5-10 and 11-15) were won by Flora and Mehek respectively. Mohit Shah and Siddhart (Boys 5-10 and 11-15) were crowned as the little male winners. The Sub Categories involved Miss Beautiful Hair- Nirali Mehta, Miss Beautiful Smile- Akansha, Miss Photogenic- Chandni Parek, Perfect Ten- Sapna and so on, also Mrs Beautiful Hair- Neha, Beautiful Skin- Bina, Mrs Brave Heart- Asha, Talent- Kavita, Perfect Ten- Payel Joshi amd others.

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The beauty pageant will take place in 9 more cities that entails Chennai, Surat, Nasik, Hyderabad, Banglalore, Nagpur, Ahmedabad and Mumbai. The finalists from all the cities will be the part of the Miss and Mrs India Gujarati Grand Finale to be held in Hyderabad.