Batuk Nandy memorial awards: Sandip Ray awarded for Feluda films; says Abir is my first choice for the role

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

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Kolkata, July 27 (Washington Bangla Radio): The Batuk Nandy Memorial awards were started in the year 2011 in memory of the esteemed guitar artist Batuk Nandy. The award ceremony was started by his son Nilanjann Nandy and the awards are presented to eminent personalities in the fields of films, theatre, literature, music and so on. In its third year, the award ceremony took place at Rabindra Okkakura Bhavan on the 20th of July. The awards are all presented by ‘Surbahar’. Usha Uthup, Jagannath Basu, Urmimala Basu, Debaroti Shome, Rajotava Dutta have been some of the recipients of the awards for the past two years.

The award ceremony started with conferring the award to Subroto Bandopadhyay, a noted recital artist. He received the award as a noted upcoming recitation artist. The artist who began his journey in recitation on 1st January, 1993 felt it to be an honor to receive such an award. He felt that this will act as a motivation for him to continue with the good work in future. Till now he has eight recital albums to his credit which has been brought out by companies Asha Audio, HMV and Sagarika.

Sandip Ray was the next recipient in the “most eminent film personality” segment. The director was all smiles on receiving the award. “I do not know whether I am the right person to get such an award. However if I am been given this award for making the Feluda films, I take the award happily” said the director. Urging the people to watch more Bengali films, the director also shed light on his memories of Batuk Nandy. “Many sitting in the audience are aware of the contributions of Batuk Nandy and many are not. I still remember listening to his great guitar compositions and getting mesmerized by the beauty of the compositions. For me getting this honor is therefore a great feeling” said Sandip Ray. In a conversation with WBRI correspondent, the director shed some light on his future film plans. “I have plans of making a film on professor Shanku. I intend to make the film in English. However there will be a Bengali version also as this character has a great appeal for the audience in Bengal. As far as Feluda is concerned, Abir is my first choice for the role. However since he is playing Bomkesh, some issues have to be sorted out in that regard. Badshahi Angti is the next Feluda film that I will start shooting in 2014” said the director.

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Actor Biplab Chatterjee received the award for the film actor. The actor went into a reminiscent mood and said “My dad was a music lover. He knew Batuk Nandy. I do not have much idea of music but from whatever little I understand, I feel that the creations of Batuk Nandy are unparalleled”.

Amitava Samajpati who got the award in the literature section felt that Bengali literature is no longer read. Most of the audience gets to know about them by watching the film adaptations. Hence it is very challenging for the Bengali authors to continue writing in today’s time. Many authors do not earn enough as a result. The author felt elated however on receiving the prize as this award is a recognition of his efforts of keeping alive the literary tradition in Bengali literature.

After this set of awards, Nilanjann Nandy regaled the audience by singing “Na na mele na” song from Ebar Nilanjan album. Ellora sang a song by Nilanjann Nandy which is yet to be released in any album or film titled “Ritu ase ritu jay”.

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Debshankar Halder who received the best theatre personality award spoke to WBRI correspondent about films and theatre. “I am really thankful to Nilanjann for considering me for the award. I am doing films and theatre simultaneously. Many people think that I am trying to do so much at one time. But I feel that it is through work itself that I get the most satisfaction. I want to do quality work and I want to be remembered through my works” said the actor. The actor is getting great reviews for his performance in the film Alik Sukh and this has been a great source of motivation for the actor to work even harder in future.
Some of the other recipients of this year’s Bautk Nandy award are Pritimoy Goswami for the Best musician, Shankar Dasgupta for the Tv script writer, Dipanjan Saha and Rajasri Bandopadhayay.