Trailer launch of new Kolkata Bangla Movie Half Seious – Mumtaz and Riddhima will be seen doing action sequences

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal / WBRINN

new kolkata bangla movie half serious

Kolkata, July 24 (Washington Bangla Radio): The trailer launch and Pre-release party of the upcoming film ‘Half Serious’ took place at Senator Hotel recently with grandeur. Debutant director Utpal Mukherjee took the charge of hosting the event. He started in an unexpected way as he commenced his speech for the evening telling everyone that there are over thousands of reason he has realized thousands of reason that why one should not watch this film and only two reasons to watch it. A film made by an unknown director and a completely new producer was among the many reasons for not watching the movie. The director stated only two reasons to watch the movie. The first reason was that every actor in the movie has given their best and the second was that after watching the movie none would feel that a single penny has been wasted. The director also shared that someone identified as movie as the one which does not have Saswata Chatterjee as part of the cast.

Among the cast the two leading ladies Ridhima and Mumtaz sizzled at the event. The pretty duo produced some rare poses for the shutterbugs.

Later Mumtaz , who plays a tough girl in the film, ready to beat up anyone around her spoke to WBRi sharing one of her real life experiences about street fighting. “In one of my school days, there was a transport strike and our car could not reach the school to take me back home. There was even no Public transport or a Taxi to be spotted. So me and one of my friends decided to start walking towards home. Soon a group of roadside romeos started following us. They were constantly making lewd comments. Initially we were ignoring them but soon things turned out to be serious as they dared to come closer, and when they were just inches behind us I decided to act. I turned around and landed a punch on the face of one of the guys. That was too unexpected from them and took them completely off guard.” said the tall beauty. “I am a trained boxer and was in full swing in those days and that incidence boosted my confidence immensely” added Mumtaz.

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Ridhima too spoke to WBRi on the occasion and she said that she said yes to the role because of the fight sequences and the stunts she needed to perform for the character. “Not many Bengali films give an actress a chance to do such kind of stunts. As soon as I was told about the things I would need to do for the film I gave a nod to the film.”

wallpaper beautiful bengali actress riddhima

The party saw the presence of many prominent faces from the Industry like Joy Sarkar, Somlata Acharya, Srijato, Anik Dutta, Arijit Dutta, Sujjoy Ghosh and others. Though Shaheb Bhattacharya(one of the main stars in the film) gave the occasion a miss, Silajit and Roopa Ganguly chose not to though they made a late entry. They were aptly ‘Half-serious’ about their entry.