Labh Janjua’s song Ishq da current lag gaya in Manoj Sharma’s movie Prakash Electronics

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MUmbai, July 23 (Washington Bangla Radio): OMG did you heard Labh Janjua got an electric shock? Is it true, off course if he is visiting ‘Prakash Electronics’ it is so obvious to get a current. But let me inform you that don’t panic about it as he didn’t got an electric current instead he dig up with ‘Ishq dacurrent’.

Labh have sung “Ishq da current lag gaya” song in movie “Prakash Electronics” under banner Himalayan Dreams. The song has been written and music composed by PraveenBhardwaj.

Movie includes actors HrishitaaBhatt,Hemant pandey,Chandrachursingh, Manoj pahawa,Sanjay Mishra, Vijay Raj, Himanishivipuri, Vrijesh Hirji, Anupam Shyam, Mithileshchaturevedi and Govind Pandey.

Directed by Manoj Sharma, movie shooting will be commencing from 25th July in Agra.