'Go, Goa, Gone' star Vir Das now in latest Bollywood movie ‘iRock's 'Saxxx ki Dukaan.com'

Mumbai, July 22 (Washington Bangla Radio): Following the success of 'Go, Goa, Gone', Vir Das is on a roll. The talented actor has signed an upcoming comedy with iRock titled 'Saxxx ki Dukaan.com'.Known for his comic timing and brilliant acting, sources close to the actor say, "'Saxxx Ki Dukaan.com' promises to bring out the best of Vir Das, as the story is absolutely fresh and a first time ever in Bollywood."

As bizarre as its title suggests, the movie revolves around illegal, yet available, online sex toy shopping. The tagline for the film is - Boy, Toys and a Super Lingam - explains it all. Talking about the upcoming comedy movie Vir says, ""My character goes through a certain turmoil, inner conflict and metamorphosis from Luv Sharma to Super Lingam. The journey of this new entity is filled with bizarre situations, chaos and comic capers.

The characters and the plot put together lends to a truly new age comedy. I can't wait to start shooting for this mad film."

The producer of iRock, Siddhartha Jain, also said that he is extremely excited to cast Vir Das in the lead role for 'Saxxx Ki Dukaan.com'. He expects this movie to be a rage among Vir's film and stand-up comedy fans.

With movies such as 'Delhi Belly' and 'Go, Goa, Gone', Vir has mastered the art of taking the comic genre to another level, making 'Saxxx ki Dukaan.com'
a highly awaited film for 2014.