Prosenjit Chatterjee’s Porichoi- Mishti and Joyee introduced at Kolkata press meet; Prosenjit like real life father says Mishti

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal / WBRINN
Photos: Sagnik Jaiswal
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Kolkata, July 21 (Washington Bangla Radio): The team of Porichoi gathered at ‘Jaal fFarezi’ in Park Circus Kolkata and had an interactive session with the media on Thursday. The team included the Director, actress Idrani known as Mishti as well, Joyee and the ‘man of the evening’ none other than Hero Prasenjit Chatterjee.

Porichoy is based on the bond shared between a father (Prosenjit Chatterjee) who lives in the UK and his daughter (Mishti), who lives in Kolkata and visits UK to meet her father from whom she had been separated in her early childhood. Then the journey of relationships continues in the UK.

For Prasenjit, working in this film with new comers namely, Mishti, Joyee and Basudeb Chatterjee’s daughter Rupali Guha was an enjoyable experience “I have worked with the new comers in many of my films and I always enjoy working with them as I can shape according to my own perception and once they are ready and well prepared, I feel very proud. Here, I have utilized my working experience in molding them”, said the man himself.  Prasenjit Chatterjee also announced that the film would meet the theatres on 23rd August and not before as some marketing and distribution jobs are still to be done. Looks of the characters he plays in his films are very important to him and in Porichoy he will be seen as a glamorous modern father.” The team I worked with was young and very loving. All of them cared for me a lot and my juniors always love and respect me; not only because of my seniority but something other than this. We enjoyed our shooting in the UK, there we used to roam around the streets casually, have coffee and enjoy but the team experienced the actual menace of staying with me when we stepped in town in college street”, joked said the superstar.

Prasenjit has played the role of a father who has been detached from her daughter and meets her in the UK where she comes to have the ‘porichoy’ of her father. “That’s why the title is given as Porichoy”, said the director. The character is not at all that of a stereotypical father, rather a cool, handsome man who has an affair with a lady who is not of Indian origin and wishes to marry her and even shares this idea with his daughter.

Prosenjit also shared the experience of the night life of New Castle with the media. He said that Every Friday, the way people at New Castle enjoy the Friday nights and the kind of crowd that is on the roads reminded him of the festivities that we see here in Kolkata at the time of Durga Puja. “Everytime I used to stop my team from going there or asked them to return soon as we had to shoot next day that is on Saturday”. He praised the music, given by Rajesh Roy, specially the one based on ‘Brishti’, made on him.  “I have seen his work before and would also like to use him for my hindi film”. The audience will see Prasenjit as a co- producer with ‘Barfi’ maker Anurag Basu as well as in Srijit’s next- Kakababu and Antonnie Firingi (Jatiswar). According to Prasenjit, a film is all about delighting the viewers and PORICHOY is one of them, entertainment with emotions.

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The character of Rimi, played by Indrani or Mishti is that of a sweet, young Bengali girl, who seeks for the love of her separated father. Therefore, she moves to the UK to unite with him as every child desires to stay with both the parents together.  The audience can relate themselves with the character. “ Mishti is the bridge between Calcutta and New Castle”, Prasenjit prompts. “It was a great opportunity for me to work with Prosenjit Chatterjee. I was blessed to have spent so much time with him while shooting. He is a wonderful person and a sweet heart”, said Mishti to WBRi. To her, there was no acting in the entire film, everything was natural. We shopped together, spent all the time together and these were all real. Her onscreen father was like a true father to her. Indrani stated to the media that Prasenjit looks extremely handsome in the movie and girls will love to watch him. Her next, Hindi movie with Subhash Ghai will be released after Porichoy. “This film is not exactly my first Bengali one because I have worked in a small docu feature named Rabindranath before”, Mishti told WBRi. She also aspires to do more of Bollywood in future but can’t leave Bangla as it is her mother land. Joyee who has played the lover of Rimi in Porichoy, too has a  Bollywood movie in his kittie called ‘Mumbai 126km’. He also has another Hindi movie in pipeline, one which is based on ‘Marshal Art’.

 It was very difficult to shoot in the extreme cold of UK. The actors faced many difficulties when they were exposed to the outdoors without any woolen garment. “Working there without warm garment is an experience that cannot be forgotten. We were shivering and were literally frozen, still it was a great fun to shoot there”, the experience was shared by both Joyee and Mishti with WBRi.

It used to become dark by 1-2pm. “If I could make use some more daylight, then some more day shots could have been taken quickly”, Rupali repented while saying this. Once, the sudden snowfall even hampered the shooting. Talking about casting the most sought after and versatile Tollywood hero Prosenjit Chatterjee, the director said “I had never thought of casting Bumba Da for the role since he was like Amitabh Bacchan to me. It was my producer, Soumya Ganguly who suggested his name’.

Another important character in the film is of Joyee, who is a good looking, cool, talented young actor and a very good human being. He is impressed with Rimi for her Indian looks. Joyee is overwhelmed after working with Prasenjit. “Bumba Da is a great human being, that’s why he is, what he is today. He has an extraordinary cinematic sense. I have learnt from him in my personal life the importance of making and maintaining contacts”, Joyee told WBRi.

There was the Music Gig of Porichoy on the same evening which increased the brightness of the event. The opening song was “Barshae bheja thanda hawa, tar e majhe mishe jaoa”. Joyee and Mishti also danced to the songs, impressing the audience with the chemistry all the more. The show ended with “Chilona to prithibita age kokhono emon”, sung by the music director (Rajesh Roy) himself with the team altogether on the stage.