Music of Rituparna Sengupta’s New Kolkata Bangla Movie launched in Mani Square Mall, Kolkata

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

Music launch of Kolkata Bangla Movie Mukti

Kolkata, July 19, (Washington Bangla Radio): Despite the hassles that she had to encounter on her way to and from the NABC, Toronto, Rituparna Sengupta was absolutely thrilled about the positive reaction that her new Bengali movie “Mukti” got at the festival. The actress was recently present at the music launch ceremony of the film held at Starmark, located in Mani Square Mall, Kolkata. Apart from the actress, director Reshmi Mitra, Santu Samaddar, Ratna Ghoshal, Gautam Sushmit, Satinath Chatterjee, Raja Narayan Deb and Jinia Deb were also present at the occasion.

Raja Narayan Deb, the music director of the film apologized to the media as the lead singers like Ustad Rashid Khan, Sraboni Sen and Anupom Ray could not attend this music launch event. He let everyone know that Sraboni Sen is down with viral fever while Ustad Rashid Khan and Anupam were stuck with some urgent work. “The music of this film is different and so is the film. This is the reason why I have laid special emphasis on the songs. The songs have been used beautifully in the film. Reshmi has done a commendable job by blending the songs so well with the flow of the film” said the music director. There are four songs in the film and a poem recital by Rituparna Sengupta. Out of the four songs, two of them are Rabindrasangeet – Agooner Poroshmoni and Amar Mukti Aloi Aloi. The other two songs include “Ei ondhokar nie jaao na” and “Yeh Jindegi”.

Commenting on her role as the mother-in-law of Nayanika (Rituparna), Ratna Ghoshal said excitedly. “I have done a number of films before. But rarely have I played a character in which I had to use such a great number of expletives. Nayanika’s mother-in-law is a woman with strong ideas about right and wrong. The way she abuses others is out of this sense of right and wrong that she harbors in her mind” said the actress.

poster, wallpaper of beautiful bengali actress rituparna sengupta

Rituparna Sengupta who was looking radiant in a yellow and black embroidered Anarkali also shed some light on her character. “I play the role of a teacher, Nayanika. She lives with her husband in the bungalow but they have become strangers to each other; such is the state of their marriage. She becomes emotionally and physically attached with an eleventh standard boy Arko. It is when Arko moves away from her life, that she understands that she is an individual with self respect and freedom” said Rituparna. The actress was spilling out majority of the aspects of the film but was stopped midway by the director Reshmi Mitra. “I am barring Ritu from telling everything about the story as then people will not go to the halls to watch the film” said the director. Rituparna also highlighted the fact that the film industry is a male dominated sector and Reshmi is trying to make a name for herself with her work. Hence she urged the media to help her and also provide support to Reshmi in the same way that she has been supported before.

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Reshmi Mitra who has always wanted to make films on issues like women empowerment hopes that the film will be well received here also by the audience. She urged the media to support her efforts and hoped that the film will have a great box office success.