Onkita Banerjee Ready to Impress with Debut Bangla Audio Songs Album, Sets Sight for Tollywood Bengali Films (WBRi Feature)

New Tollywood singer Onkita Banerjee

Kolkata, July 19 (Washington Bangla Radio): The journey of Onkita Banerjee into the world of music started when she was only four years old, though her association with music started even earlier with her mother being her chief inspiration. Born in Asansol, Onkita’s life was supposed to flow towards an academic career, but she was destined to do something absolutely different. One of the most promising vocalists, Onkita has exhibited her mettle in music on quite a few occasions. At the age of four she started training in vocal music under the guidance of Mr. Shibaji Banerjee and Mrs. Suchismita Banerjee of Durgapur where she spent her schooling days.

With an inborn affiliation towards music, Onkita was comfortable in humming popular scores long before her formal training in music commenced. Her personality has always been revered by all those who have known her. While studying at the Carmel Convent School in Durgapur she regularly participated in interschool events and was entrusted with the task of bearing the school flag in different competitions.

Moving to Kolkata in 2007 marked the beginning of a new era in Onkita’s musical life. Along with pursuing higher studies she also started to take talim from Mr. Jatileshwar Mukhopadhyay, a stalwart in the genre of Bangla Aadhunik Gaan. The following two years were the most remarkable time so far in her life as during this time she received her most profound education in music. Since 2011 Onkita has been associated with the mainstream music industry along with working as a management trainee with Indian Tobacco Company. Her first breakthrough was the opportunity to sing the song called Bondhu Kokhono for the film Om Shanti with Neel Dutt as the music director. Her dexterity as a playback singer made her an immediate favorite and a host of opportunities followed.

Some of her most significant achievements include singing a Rabindrasangeet under music director Arindom for the Bengali sitcom “Nayika”, working with music director Suvam Moitra in a documentary film titled “Scripted” and providing voice to a jingle for Franklin Templeton India Company. Onkita was also offered to participate in popular music shows aired on channels like Tara Muzik, TV SouthAsia and R Plus.

new Bangla Rabindra sangeet singer

Of late she has also started her professional career as a senior executive at Ideal Real Estates Pvt. Ltd. but with an aim to excel in her musical career Onkita has started training under Parthasarathi Bhattacharjee, the vocalist of Bengali band Ekalabya. However, most importantly, she has also started working on her first album.

Her debut album would be a bi-lingual one and a compilation of 8 songs, that in spite of being contemporary in nature, would certainly be a reminiscent of the touching melodies and captivating lyrics of the songs of the bygone era. The album named “Rhythm and Raagas” would have the music arrangements and compositions done by Shameek Kundu with some of the lyrics written by Mrs Apurva Banerjee, mother of Onkita. The compilation work of the album is still under process and is expected to hit the stalls by the middle of November, 2013.

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