Tollywood beauties Monami Ghosh and Arunima brightened the second anniversary celebrations of ‘Cream Centre’

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal / WBRINN
Photos: Sagnik Jaiswal

Monami Ghosh at Cream Centre

Kolkata July 18, (Washington Bangla Radio): Tollywood beauties Monami Ghosh and Arunima recently brightened up a food festival at an eatery named ‘Cream Centre’ located at the heart of the City of Joy. The actress duo attended the event to mark the second anniversary of the restaurant.  

WBRi spoke exclusively to Monami, the cute beauty who stole many hearts with her item dance in the superhit flick ‘Bhootyer Bhabisyat’. 

WBRI: Can Monami be called a foodie?
Monami: Yes, I am very much a foodie. I like to try out different kind of dishes and on many occasions, I have experimented with different kind of cuisines. Good food is something that makes everyone happy.

Monami Ghosh and Arunima at Cream Centre

WBRi: How would you rate Kolkata as a city of foodies?
Monami: Kolkata is very much a foodie’s city. You name a food and you will get it here. There is room for every kind of cuisine. Bengali community is known for their love for food and they do not restrict to local cuisine and try other delicacies with equal enthusiasm. One is also bound to find Kolkata much cheaper than most of the other cities of world.

WBRI: Many people, especially those from outside this state think that Kolkata’s food means only Maach (Fish) and Misti (Sweets). How do you think that this perception can be changed?
Monami: It is true to a large extent that a lot of people think that Bengali community only sticks to fish and sweets. I think packaging and promotion can play a major role to change this perception. If Bengali cuisine is highlighted explaining the wide variety of preparations available, there will be much more demand for it.

Arunima at Cream Centre

WBRi: What do you think is the USP of ‘Cream Centre’ restaurant?
Monami: This is a wonderful restaurant. I like the ambience very much. It also has a wide variety of food. Here you will trendy food like Pizza and Pasta along with full course meal which ranges from North Indian to Mughlai dishes to Chinese delights like Barb Q sizzlers. There are also some really yummy sweetmeats on offer. This restaurant can be good for both hanging out casually with friends and having a family dinner. Another highpoint of this eatery is the location.

WBRi: The name of this eatery is Cream Centre and this can lead to a confusion that this eatery is all about pastries and sweets only. Any suggestion for the management about the name?
Monami: Yes, the name can create that kind of a perception. The management may think of an apt sub title or tag line to cast away any kind of possible wrong perception.

Prasant Menon , the owner later explained the reason for the name. “We started as a Pastry outlet and later extended ourselves. Our first shop was in Mumbai and we later moved on to other cities but the name of the franchisee remained same as people identify with the name as it has grown much in brand value.”