Nodi re Tui Bangla Movie premiere in Priya Cinema Kolkata

kolkata tollywood bangla movie premiere

Kolkata, July 16, (Washington Bangla Radio): The premiere of ‘Nodi re Tui’ that was held at Priya cinema hall saw the presence of its cast and crew which included Abhiraj and Moubani Sorcar along with director Kingshuk and other film and television personalities like Oindrilla and Subhasish Mukherjee.

When asked about the choice of a different and non commercial theme Director Kingshuk told WBRi, “I always wanted to send a message to the audience through my film so that it is not regarded as a commercial and entertainment material only. In this film too I have tried to portray the plight of the villagers in a small village due to government projects. I have tried to show how attached they are to the nature and how bad they feel when they are robbed of their natural settings.”

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The film is about the protest of a village against the building of a dam. So WBRi took the occasion of the premiere to ask the director if the film is inspired from the real life ‘Narmada Bachao’ (Save Narmada) movement to save the Narmada River. The movement was made famous by the stern stand of acclaimed social activist Medha Patkar and also by the involvement of Bollywood hero Amir Khan. The director said that that the movement was an inspiration not only for individuals or regional communities but also for the whole world. The director agreed that the film has drawn inspiration to some extent from that movement. “The film may be quite different from the ‘Narmada Bachao ‘movement but one will surely find the spirit of the movement and the characters shown in the film are in similar line to that of the famous movement.” added the director.

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Lead actor Aviraj who looked cool and stylish in a fancy party shirt paired with a scarf was indeed excited about the movie but at the same time was evidently nervous. Aviraj shared with WBRi some of his experiences during the shooting in a small village.  “The shoot was done in a riverside village of Sunderban. I play a boatman in the film. Once I was rowing a boat in the middle of the river when a storm arose. I was really nervous at a point as I was alone in the boat and the shot was being taken from a distant boat. And in those regions storms are quite furious and the river starts to swell frighteningly. The rivers at Sunderban region are known to be crocodile infested which all the more made me pray hard for a safe return onshore.And soon the storm stopped and I landed safely on the shore. That was quite an experiences.’ Said Aviraj. The actor also said that he is also looking forward to his next release ‘Manash Priya’ which is just a couple of weeks away.

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Moubani was all glammed up for the evening. She too shared a funny incident from the shoot. “There was a sequence where Aviraj was supposed to cuddle a goat and the goat was expected to reply with its call which was needed for the shot. But whenever the camera was being angled at it , it just kept silent and acted as if it is too camera shy and whenever the camera was moved away the goat started bleating and became its normal self. None of the crew members could get the do their bidding when at last on Aviraj’s earnest request the goat did the act perfectly as if it please Aviraj. That was a hilarious moment for all of us.” Said the bubbly and beautiful Tollywood heroine. Moubani also expressed her desire to dedicate the film to the victims of the apocalyptic flood that has shaken Uttarkhand.

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal / WBRINN