Anirban Roy’s humane side got him a gifted artist for Shorts

Preeti Singh iamge

Mumbai, July 16, (Washington Bangla Radio) : SRK’s dialogue of “when you put your heart to something, the entire universe conspires with you,” came to life in the case of a 13-year-old kid for Anurag Kashyap and Tumbhi’s Shorts.Seems, an enthusiastic casting director chased director Anirban Roy with the profile of a kid, and insisted that she was the right choice for the character of Lily in the film Audacity in Shorts. Having already locked his cast, Roy was not willing to go through the rut to please a casting director and an enthusiastic kid actor.But the man just wouldn’t give up and the child was just too enthusiastic. Exasperated, Roy decided to take an audition.This little kid was a bundle of talent indeed. Roy’s explanation of the character seemed to sink in fast into the kid. And soon, she began to mouth the dialogues and the director in Roy got the better of the disgruntled man that he was at the moment. He began to see a dawn of a new sunrise in the casting guy’s words. And Preety Singh was in. Sometimes, it is best to give in to your heart than your head, wot say!

Shorts, a series of short films by Anurag Kashyap’s protégés, brought to you by AKFPL and Tumbhi, is all set for a theatrical release with Cinemax on July 12.